Supergirl/Flash Crossover Update: The Grumble Heard Round the World, But Which World?

Warning:  This article contains potential spoilers for Supergirl.

Just when I couldn’t be happier about Supergirl being renewed for another season, DC and CBS find a way to completely burst my bubble.  While I’m overjoyed that the heroes will team up against Livewire (Brit Morgan) and Silver Banshee (Italia Ricci), I’m equally pissed at the other news released regarding the episode: Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Barry (Grant Gustin) are from two different worlds.  I don’t mean that in a Titanic sort of way either – this has nothing to do with money – they are literally from different Earths. I have so many issues with this.

The Flash has established that the TV universe does indeed have multiple Earths, that I can live with that. The multiverse has long been an established DC method of covering up continuity errors and being creative with characters.  Let’s be honest here, though, there’s a reason they did away with it (only to bring it back again): Less is often more.  Adding more than the two Earths could potentially alienate the non-comic fans the show has.  Your average viewer may not want to keep track of which Earth each character’s from, or even worse find the whole concept too far-fetched.

I understand that having them on the same Earth would beg the question of “Why doesn’t Supergirl just come help Flash anytime he has a problem?” etc. etc. etc.  Yet, everyone has seemingly gotten over “Why doesn’t Superman just handle everything for Kara?”.  The overpowered hero doesn’t always have to step in – there’s enough villainy in the DC Universe that our heroes don’t have to hail from alternate earths.  At the end of the day, instead of having to actually write creative story lines that explain why help’s not on the way, the show runners would rather have the alternate Earth-excuse.

Earth 2 Central City
Earth 2 Central City
National City
National City

Another problem I have is the matter of which Earth she’s actually on.  Assuming Flash/Arrow (Stephen Amell) occupy Earth Prime seeing their shows came first, that would likely leave Supergirl on Earth 3.  We already got a good look at Earth 2 on The Flash, and it looks nothing like Supergirl’s world.  Unless of course Earth 2 Flash takes place during a different time period on Supergirl’s Earth. Unlikely but hey, who knows.  Ok, so let’s assume Earth 3.  Well, now we have a deviation from the comics (yes I know there are already plenty of departures from the comics throughout the DC shows and we just accept them) in that on Earth 3 Supergirl is evil.  Sweet, kindhearted Kara, is far from evil.  It is possible that she’s from yet another Earth, but how far is DC willing to go with this?

While it’s exciting how well DC TV shows are doing, it looks as though they might be headed down the path they’ve taken with their comics on many occasions: Getting way too big, way to spread out and confused, and having to reboot the entire continuity.  Having all our beloved shows happening on Earth Prime with occasional glimpses of another Earth is good enough. Keep it simple, DC. Keep. It. Simple.

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