Steve — Star Wars, Marvel Comics

Since he first watched the Star Wars trilogy at the age of four (the original, not that mess we call the prequels) Steve has been a fan of nerdy movies. While his classmates were playing sports, he was playing Indiana Jones. No movie, however, changed his life more than Jurassic Park, where the character development and masterful use of special effects, both practical and computer generated, changed his perspective of what movies could and should be. Since then, Steve expects that level of excellence in everything he watches and is all too happy to discuss where movies and shows succeed and where they fall short. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado where he likes to get high…13,000ft above sea level on ski lifts that is, then snowboarding back down to the base.

Jeff — Marvel Comics, Professional Wrestling

Jeff's Profile PicCaptain America historian, and wrestling encyclopedia.  Specializing in Marvel comics, Star Wars, and RPG’s.  In my free time, I write and perform live music, and binge read Wikipedia.   Standing in a beer circle with my friend arguing the minute details of hubris and long term storyline planning is my blue heaven.

Jeni — Shannara Chronicles, LARPing/Re-Enactments

Jeni's Profile PicWhy Hello!  I’m Jeni, and (obviously) I’m a lover of many nerdy things… I think that the most unique thing about me so far is that I do medieval reenacting, with a society known as the SCA, or Society for Creative Anachronism, where I do combat archery.  While in armor, I shoot at other people.  Also in armor.  Hence, my #1 Marvel hero is Hawkeye!


Sally – Shadowhunters, Sailor Moon, Ghetto Nerd Girl

Sally Profile PicWhen not wasting all of her money on Etsy, Sally enjoys watching quality TV and the occasional dance party. She is also proud to call herself an intermediate cosplay maker. If you approach her please have chocolates in hand. Check out her original, award-winning webseries ‘Ghetto Nerd Girl’ on YouTube, and the follow the show’s Facebook page & Twitter for updates.

Jason — Tor Books, Game of Thrones

Jason's Profile PicRaconteur, social misanthrope, and a legend in my own mind. Star Wars was my first movie, Star Trek my first TV show. I have watched every colour episode of Doctor Who (yes, even Timelash) to save others the time and/or burden.

Kansas is not as boring as you think. We have barbecued everything.