Sailor Moon Crystal (Sub), Act. 27 – “Infinity 1 Premonition – First Part” Review

Warning: The following review contains spoilers for the season premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal.

Wow, we are finally here! It seems like over a year ago when I watched the last subtitled episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. I’m so happy they decided to continue this series with the Infinity arc; it’s my favorite season by far and I’m so psyched that we get to see the Outer Senshi in all their glory. I get goosebumps whenever I hear Viz Media’s tag, because I know it’s Sailor Moon time, and it’s going to be amazing!

First thing’s first, let’s talk about the new opening and theme song. I saw it in the sneak peek, but didn’t think it would have such an impact as it did. The song starts like a lullaby, and I’m confused as to why Sailor Moon’s barefoot, but I’ll go with it. It’s also strange to me to see Hotaru Tomoe and Chibiusa Tsukino laying next to each other naked – is that necessary? I guess they’re showing their vulnerabilities and innocence as children, but who knows? Moving on.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 5.28.21 PM

Then I see Usagi Tsukino go from naked, holding her boobs to transform into the Moon Princess. That’s expected, and I’m not surprised by that at all. Although the opening’s odd it’s still very powerful emotionally; Sailor Moon has a grasp on me in that way.

So, with “Premonition”, I expected it to follow Rei Hino like it did in the anime (because she has psychic powers and all). Not to mention she’s also my absolute favorite Sailor Soldier! They twisted things a bit by having Rei, Hotaru, and Mamoru Chiba all have the same visions; I’m not against the idea, since it shakes things up a bit.

What I really enjoy about this episode is that it spends some time reintroducing all of the characters we’ve come to know and love. Usagi wakes up late for school, of course, and you know Chibiusa will definitely have something smart to say about it. Since it’s been so long since we saw the season two ending, I’m glad they gave a sort of rebirth of the show, starting off where they’re being normal teenage girls most of the time.  What do normal teen girls do, you ask? Play at the arcade and crush on boys, of course! More about that later though.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 5.20.29 PM

I want to take a moment to talk briefly about the new animation style. I was worried they’d change the tone of the show along with the design, but they’ve kept the humor in it, and I’m happy they did. Compared to previous seasons, I think the new animation displays that the Inner Senshi are teenage girls so much more this time around (they looked like women in seasons one and two). I also like the fact they have seamlessly married old and new traits in Sailor Moon that complement the show quite wonderfully!

They shrunk their heads down a bit – especially Sailor Moon’s – and added a bit more “meat” on them, so to speak, but they’re still relatively slender. I also like the shape and twinkle to their eyes a lot more because it reminds me of the 90’s anime. The biggest change, I have to say, is with the cats. They have a furry outline on their cheeks, and I’m not sure which season’s design I like better; either way, it’s a minuscule change and won’t affect my overall feelings for the new design.

To sum it up, I’m a fan of the new design, although I’m aware many fans won’t agree with me on that.

Artemis and Luna

Michiru Kaioh debuts on the show while she’s swimming in a large fancy pool, which is classic. She’s looking quite voluptuous and sexified as well! I think they did her justice, and I’m glad because she’s my fave Outer Senshi. The outer scouts in the new design look like women, but that’s okay for me because I always thought they should have been in their early twenties for how much more mature they act compared to the Inners.

They’re only a year older than Usagi and the gang, which never made much sense to me. They have a helicopter, a fancy pool, and a killer loft apartment, yet no parental figures in sight – I don’t get it. I know they’re both famous, but they’re only sixteen. Come on!

My only other gripe is that everyone addresses Haruka Tenoh as a man: when she’s on the race course, when the fans are screaming at her, etc. I know in the 90’s anime she was mistaken for a man, but the people close to her knew she was a she. I’m a little confused why they did that. Does it have something to do with the manga portrayal? I hope they address this mix up, eventually.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 5.20.15 PM

When Haruka and Michiru walk together in public it’s like they’re the “it” couple of Mugen Academy, the exclusive school for famous and talented kids. That I love, and how they’re so cool, confident and very in touch with who they are. I also adore the fact that Michiru is one with the sea while Haruka’s one with the wind; they’re my favorite couple from Sailor Moon by far. Move over Usagi and Mamoru!

Back to our fab five, who’re busy acting like teens at the arcade. It seems as though they may have made a few changes to Rei’s character in the new season; she was a lot quieter and supportive before, but now she has more of a spunky attitude like her 90’s anime counterpart, and I’m a fan! Good job!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 5.32.25 PM

As expected, Haruka makes her way to the group and gives Usagi a tip about the driving game. Minako and Makoto are smitten with her, and I don’t blame them/ She’s smooth, has a comforting voice, and takes the wheel with authority – it’s no wonder she has a huge fan base! Michiru doesn’t sweat it. though, because she knows she’s the only one for Haruka. Can’t get enough of it!

The last thing I want to mention is the new transformations and attacks for the Inner Senshi: It was cool to be excited about it since usually they’re something that stays the same every episode. Again, I think it is the perfect mix of old and new – they got rid of the CGI, but you’re still able to see most of the same details from the more classic transformations. I also noticed the girl have some arm muscles like whoa. Okay, that I can get behind!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 5.19.35 PM

In my opinion the new animation is an improvement, and they started off the Infinity arc with a bang. To be honest, the Sailor Moon franchise can do no wrong in my eyes as long as they stick to the groundwork laid out for them. It’ll be fun to have a new episode every week instead of having to wait two weeks, which used to kill me. The Outer Senshi are definitely going to make splash and I can’t wait!

New episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal are available for streaming every Monday on Hulu, Viz Media, and Crunchyroll.

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Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal


  • Outer Senshi
  • New animation
  • New opening sequence


  • No explanation of Haruka or Michiru's parents
  • Haruka is addressed as a man
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