The Final Cut LogoFrom the earliest days of nerdslant’s founding we’ve been partnered up with Special Mark Productions, the official YouTube channel of our resident Movieman, Mark. You can find all of his newest YouTube film reviews here on site, as well as his ongoing Star Wars-spoof series Lonely Trooper. Check out all of his fantastic digital video work!

ghetto nerd girl Profile Photo copyOne of our senior staff members, Sally, is also the one-woman creator, director, producer, and screenwriter of the award-winning (People’s Choice 2014 Miami Film Fest and Viewer’s Choice 2014 ATL WEBFEST) web series Ghetto Nerd Girl. Since she joined the staff back in December of 2015, we’ve been proud to feature ongoing interviews, highlights, and her production diary for the series, which is currently wrapping up its second season production. You can watch the entirety of the first season, along with behind-the-scenes extras, on their YouTube channel.

Superhero Superfest LogoIn the Spring of 2016 we were very excited and proud to partner up with Superhero Superfest, a brand-new, family-friendly convention in Toms River, New Jersey. This activity-based con diverges from the more “traditional” cons by having attendees actively engaged rather than sitting at panels. You’ll be able to try your luck at “leaping tall buildings in a single bound” at the velcro wall, show off your skills in the Nurf Turf Challenge, pursue villains in an RC high-speed car-chase, “rescue an infant” in the Superhero Sprint, and more! Founded by Wendy DeSimmone Price, this is one Jersey con you have to check out.


Rogue Squad LogoUp-and-coming indie board game developer Kongomat Studios is currently in the process of developing their first game, Rogue Squad, for Kickstarter funding, and will be sending us a preview copy of the game for our Board With Friends YouTube series to review. Our entire tabletop crew is itching to head off into space and wipe the floor with alien baddies!

Slugfest Games LogoThe Board With Friends crew is insanely excited to be receiving a copy of The Red Dragon Inn 5 courtesy of Slugfest Games to review on the show! The Red Dragon Inn series has been a staple of tabletop gaming for nearly a decade now, with numerous expansions to its name. Play as one of four adventurers who’ve returned from a long day of slogging in a dungeon to unwind with a round of drinks… several rounds of drinks. Drink, gamble, and roughhouse your way to getting your hands on your “friends'” gold and be the last adventurer standing!