Overwatch Celebrates its First Anniversary with More on the Horizon

It’s been a hot week for fans of Blizzard’s Overwatch and all the lore its team has put together since the game’s release. The official celebration saw to a bevy of free DLC newness for all the kiddies, including three new battle arena maps, skins for many popular characters, voice lines that add to your indirect smack talking and, of course, dancing; no party is complete without some dancing!

Each character has a rather cool, unique dance move in their personal arsenal of emotes to bust out at any time… so long as you move that damn payload!

Jubilation aside, most of us have been anticipating the announcement of the much-rumored Overwatch villain Doomfist, supposedly to be voiced by none other than Terry Crews (The ExpendablesWhite Chicks). This one-year mark villain has been as much a part of the Overwatch universe as the current roster, with his visage hinted at on the Numbani maps where he originates. Orisa’s inclusion and even the destruction of the airport and payload have teased his subsequent reveal, but for now its mostly been speculation.

Will he be an attack character with devastating melee abilities, or a defense one set for close-quarters combat capable of knocking back and crushing the opposition with his mighty gauntlet? If Terry Crews does turn out to be the voice actor, will it mean at least one Old Spice reference somewhere in there? Alas, the world will have to wait for now to know!

So let’s talk about what we do know, like the recently announced new Assault map “Horizon Lunar Colony”, available to play now on the PC Public Testing Region servers. It covers the origin and lore of Winston, everyone’s favorite Tesla Cannon-wielding mobile tank. The preview trailer below features narration from our boy himself talking about his early days as a scientifically-modified gorilla under the care of scientists coexisting peacefully in the state-of-the-art moon base. That is, until the increased intelligence of the test subjects led to an uprising against their human caretakers. Fun fact: Winston took his name from the lead scientist who cared for him.

Once again, Blizzard’s been hinting at future plans and Easter eggs throughout the game, specifically here with references to the moon and space travel in maps including Lijiang Tower and the space exhibit highlight featuring the ship and space suit Winston used in his travels. The tribute to a real-life fan of the game itself is really touching.

You’ll note in the Horizon preview trailer mention of the other rumored character joining the Overwatch roster, possibly before Doomfist’s reveal: Hammond. He’s believed to be one of the primate specimens on the lunar colony who led the Planet of the Apes inspired coup d’etat. Described as a small but cunning chimpanzee, he almost fits a previously alluded to cat-like creature with a jet pack and arsenal of weapons to choose from, but that would be an oddity in a video game universe that’s more tightly knit by story and the fates of all the characters involved. It makes more sense that Blizzard is modifying that original design into Hammond to suit this new addition.

Thankfully, with E3 2017 just a few weeks away, we won’t have to wait long for Blizzard to give Overwatch and all their other titles the new additions treatment. What heroes will be added to the roster and the future of this beloved game remains highly speculated and, certainly, highly anticipated!

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