Nerdy Girls, Pretty Girls: Nerd Beauty Spring 2016

Nerdy makeup is on the rise, and it’s really a wonderful trend.  By no means are these the first themed makeup collections that are inspired by nerd-typical fandoms, but there are quite a few coming in the near future that you should know about!

wonder woman promo one

First, let’s talk about the Wonder Woman beauty line that is exclusive to Walgreens.  This line may actually be available in your local stores now, as well as debuting on the internet a few weeks ago.  For fans of drugstore beauty, the collection is likely being produced by Markwins, the parent company that owns Wet ‘N Wild, Black Radiance, and Lip Smackers (exceptions being the nail polishes, which are mini-sets by Orly, and the makeup bags, which are produced by Soho_.  

It’s not the only collection that Walgreens has released with these makers, but if you enjoyed the quality of product like the Cinderella collection, this will be right up your alley.

wonder woman beauty book

Some standout items in my opinion?  Well, definitely the Orly Color Blast nail polishes.  There are four duo sets (retailing for $11.99) and solo polishes (retailing $6.99) in a great range of brights that look absolutely great for spring.  

The solo polishes are a classic red, a white creme, and a bold cobalt blue, which feels really apropos to me even though it’s not the exact character color (Don’t worry, there’s a bright gold in the duo sets!).  Value-wise, you’ll get most bang for your buck by purchasing the beauty book (retails at $11.99).  A palette and more, it includes nine eye shadows, a bronzy-blush, an eye primer, a lip gloss, a lipstick (named Amazonian Red, so classic), and a double-ended sponge eyeshadow applicator.  No liner, but a few of the shades are dark enough if you are a shadow-as-liner girl. (If you haven’t tried this trick, it creates a softer line and can be used to easily make a smoky eye!)

For a really great write-up on one of my favorite beauty blogs, check out some product photos (both in-store and promotional) over at Nouveau Cheap!

star trek mac poster

Be still your makeup-loving nerdy heart: All your high-end cosmetic dreams are about to come true.  Legendary makeup brand MAC will be releasing a Star Trek inspired line of makeup, and our actual poster girls are Seven of Nine, Deanna Troi, Uhura, and Vina (the green Orion girl).  Personally, I would have loved to have seen Janeway, or oh gosh, Dax, as a beauty icon as compared to a stereotypical sci-fi “green girl”, but when you see the colors of the collection, it comes together.

star trek mac products

The twenty-five piece-collection, which will actually have a one day pre-sale at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 21st at MAC Gaslamp, appears online on August 25th and in stores September first.  This is the only actual product promo photo out yet, but it looks like some lovely metallic finishes.

My guess? There will be more eyeshadow shades, lip shades in both the lipstick and gloss (Perhaps a lipglass?), as well as at least one other nail polish shade.  I wonder if they have another powder (looks like a Mineralize Skinfinish to me, but that’s just a guess); I’d love to see that glowy bronze accompanied by a silvery highlight which would just encapsulate the alien feel of Star Trek!  As per similar items on the MAC website, products will likely run from about $15-$32.00.  MAC can be hit or miss with their specialty collections, but I might save my pennies for one of these beautiful products.

UD makeup banner

The collection I’m hands down most excited about is the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass six-piece beauty, releasing this May.  I’m a huge UD fan; I’ve got at least four eye palettes, both limited edition and regular line, a handful of lip products, innumerable eyeliners… I could go on.  

Their formulations are always wonderful, the company is vehemently against animal testing, and many of their awesome products are vegan (though the info isn’t out for this collection yet). Five years ago, they released a Book of Shadows based on Tim Burton’s first Alice venture, and this one seems even better.  Plus, we get lipsticks too!


Lippies first!  Definitely an interesting array of colors, each inspired by a character in the film.  Atypical lip colors are all the rage right now (Seriously, I wish I was brave enough to pull off either navy blue or grey in public!) so some of them are perfectly on trend!  The color named Alice is really interesting to me: a tawny, sheer iridescent nude that looks in swatches like a barely there, faerie-like shimmer.  

Mirana and Iracebeth are the most typical as colors: a vampy, wine stain with a lovely shine and a coral-red creme respectively.  The Mad Hatter provides another iridescent effect, a bright fuschia-leaning purple with a phenomenal blue-purple (heretofore blurple, makeup nerds) shimmer that is sheer enough to play with but bold enough to make a statement.  The navy, Time, is also a shimmery, sheered out version on the bold trend – maybe even enough for me to give it a try!  Lipsticks will retail for $18.00.

The centerpiece of this collection is definitely the eyeshadow palette.  A limited edition masterpiece of twenty brand new shades packaged with a double-ended shadow brush and a mirror in the box lid, it’s Urban Decay at its’ best.  Bright colors are definitely the draw here, but they’re balanced by softer and more neutral shades (Even some mattes!) to give you infinitely wearable possibilities.  I absolutely adore the quote on the inside of the box, “I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different than yours.”  

Standout shades for me?  The super-saturated sky blue of Heads Will Roll (plus, a Yeah Yeah Yeah’s reference), the neutral matte brown of Chessboard (all my favorite matte brown crease shades are UD colors, they do no wrong there), and the really glorious fiery, flame orange to cranberry duochrome delight that is Salazen Grum.  This is definitely a penny-saving goal item, because it will be retailing at $60.00 – more than any other current eye palettes, including the $58.00 Gwen Stefani collaboration.  I think it will be worth it!  Check out swatches for yourself at another fantastic beauty blog, Temptalia.

summer2016_udalice_colorsDo these fantastically nerdy makeup offerings interest you?  I know I’m definitely tempted to break open the piggy bank on this one.  That Urban Decay collection calls to me, but the great thing is that there’s something affordable for every beauty junkie available in the next few months!  Let us know which one you’re looking forward to most in the comments!

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