Under the Mask of Superhero Superfest

A glance inside the nerdcave.

Everyone can be a superhero!
Everyone can be a superhero!

It’s two weeks until Superhero Superfest, so let’s talk for a moment about the local talent at the con and what cool events nerdslant is running!

Starting off, let’s talk about the two local artists, Oaklyn local Emily Heierbacher, Author of Theatrics, a fantastic surrealist webcomic about theater teens, and Scaredy Cat, AKA David DeForne, a fantastic print artist from Highstown. They are joined by a host of other artists such as Philip McNutly, Joe Caramanga, Kathryn Calamia, Neil Vokes, Jeffrey Dean, Bruce Blitz, Joe Wigfield, and Joe Del Beato, all of whom could fill entire books with their individual works. The Jay & Linda Grunin Foundation deserves a major round of applause for helping Press Media bring us all these wonderful artists.

Cool Folks

Also Joining in the heroic fun are a few heroes of The Meadowlands. New York Giants and Superbowl Champions Eric Dorsey, Sean Landeta and Stephen Baker. Real life role models who have accomplished superhuman feats of strength and agility. Having Four Championships split between them, the rare opportunity to meet these NFL Legends doesn’t come often.


We here at nerdslant are also hosting three events of our own during the festival! Visiting our offices from a galaxy far far away, Jedi Masters Kanan Jarrus and Kyle Katarn decided they wanted some help establishing a Jedi Order away from Order, and we figured Superhero Superfest is the best place we could ask for to find eager Padawans. A recent convergence of Ley Lines has hightened the magic on the coast, and the New Jersey Hogwarts campus has reopened in order to teach all you aspiring wizards how to use your newly awakened magic. Finally nerdslant’s own Gab and Jeni are proud to host a Cosplay Q&A workshop, going over the ins and outs of costuming and prototyping for you.

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