John Barrowman Returning as Captain Jack on Doctor Who?

With the announcement of Chris Chibnall taking over as showrunner of Doctor Who, people have started speculating what the changes will bring.  Of course we’ve all wondered when or if Captain Jack would return, and  John Barrowman may have something to say on this matter.  Recently at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, he congratulated Chibnall on becoming  the new showrunner for Doctor Who.  With a shrug and a smile he stated, “Chris wrote a lot for Captain Jack so… who knows.”  He did go on to say he’s currently an Arrow man and hopes to be there to stay, but  Barrowman must know statements such as that are likely to make Whovian hearts flutter at the thought of his return.


Everyone loves Captain Jack Harkness, and we all know he loves everyone in return.  It’s been over five-years since he was featured in an episode of Doctor Who, and many of us would like to see more of his story with the Doctor.  Hopes were very high during Matt Smith’s tenure, but they never materialized.  Could you imagine Amy and Captain Jack sharing a scene?  It would have been pandemonium!  The return of Jack Harkness with Peter Capaldi would be incredibly intriguing.  I’m sure he’d go on about the Doctor’s age and appearance – the comments on the eyebrows alone would be fantastically entertaining.  As long as Barrowman shows interest in returning to the show, there’s hope  we’ll be graced with Captain Jack and his sassy quips once again.

The search is on for a new companion for Series 10 and Capaldi has gone on record to say he’d rather it not be a male companion.  Obviously this rules out Jack, not that we really had any expectations he would be a regular companion.  The 12th Doctor’s been more of a guardian to his companions where as the 10th and 11th had a more romantic side to them.  Watching 12 try to protect his companions from Captain Jack’s advances, with all his charm and charisma, would be highly entertaining and could be rather combative.  Where the 10th would say “Stop it!” and continue on, I could see the 12th being much more confrontational and paternal.

Jack Harkness and Rose

The shift in balance would be that they are not rivals, it’s the Doctor protecting his companions from someone he sees as a predator.  The events of Series 9 have changed the Doctor, making him very different from the man that Jack last saw in “The End of Time” back in 2010.  His experience inside the confession dial’s left the Doctor viewing himself as a threat to his companions. He was a changed man when he made his way out – things that would normally be innocent jest could very well be taken as something completely different.  Not knowing any of this, Jack would certainly be caught off guard.  I for one would love to see this dynamic and how they work through it, to see if their friendship remains intact.

Doctor Who Series 10 is expected to begin filming this May.

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