Julz – Doctor Who, Sci-Fi, Comic Book Reviews

2015-10-21 11.23.24-15I’m a lover of books, movies, TV and comics. If it’s sci-fi or fantasy I’m in. I’m a Nerd and proud of it. Doctor Who is my biggest passion. My other passions include, but are not limited to, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Supernatural. I like to explore theories and ideas around fandoms, there’s nothing like a good puzzle. Talk nerdy to me!

Mark – Nerdy Films

nerdavatarTheMoviemanI have loved movies all my life. They are a passion of mine. I started doing reviews for the high school newspaper and haven’t stopped. I currently do video review on my YouTube Channel, as well as short videos and interviews. I also host a podcast called The Spoiler Room. I just can’t stop talking about film.


Will – Music, Television Reviews

WillColemanHey, I’m Will, I’m a playwright and stage director in Chicago, and when I was eleven, I won first prize in a Star Wars trivia contest, for knowing the name of the Cantina Band* Clearly, It was a third-rate Star Wars trivia contest, because that is common knowledge.

I’m really into books and theatre and movies and tv and music and comics and games, of both the board and video variety.

*Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes.  But you knew that, right?

Richard – Music, Horror

Slant TEMPMy name is Richard Graves. I host radio shows, collect records, stay sober, and work with a band called Annabelle’s Curse. Unbeatable in foosball/mediocre at chess. Every time I am in a crowded room with several chandeliers or hanging light fixtures, I try and figure out which one would kill the most people if it fell. Marrow Warriors are always my first pick on a Heroscape board with slight incline and water tiles. Tyrion 2016!

Bemko – Video Games

Bemko's Profile PicAdam Bemko is a video game and ESports enthusiast. He spends much of the time deeply diving into competitive video game, even if he is terrible at them.



Kevin – Video Games, Toy Reviews

Kevin- Profile PictureI am a Jack of all trades. I am a trained actor, trained archaeologist, and trained teacher (of multiple subjects) who is currently in law school. When not studying, or briefing cases, or researching case law, or talking about if a contract has been formed or if not whether there was promissory estoppel, I find myself playing many a video game, or watching movies and T.V. shows.

Caity – Classic Films, Tabletop Games, Literature

Caity's Profile PicCaity teaches seventh graders about proper grammar, reading comprehension, and how to construct a good argument (which cannot be used against her, because her students know better). When she isn’t at work, she is working a second job, attempting to write a novel, spending time with her fiance Kevin, reading anything and everything, watching geeky TV, and playing tabletop games.

Andromeda – Anime, Video Games

Andromeda is no one of consequence. She spends her limited free time reading singing gaming creating and lots of other –ings. Her special attack is Fount of Useless Information TM. She lives in the deep west where finding access to nerdisms is a treasure hunt in itself. And apparently she speaks in the third person.

Timmy – Board Games, Comics, Movies

Tim's Profile PictureDisco Timmy is an agent of change. An avid extrovert with a tendency to begin efforts in a wide variety of interesting projects and ideas. As a life long nerd of the boardgame, sci-fi,  fantasy and sex-positive genres, he enjoys the possibility of what can be.

Greg – Pokémon

Greg's Profile PicGood evening, everyone.  My name is Greg.  My primary areas of study are Pokemon (18 years of gameplay and counting), One Piece and the Simpsons, but I also hold a great deal of interest in world history, geography, and biology of all definitions.  My friends know me as the go-to for random trivia, assembling wholly unnecessary numbers of lists, and thinking too hard when asked to name my favorite of something.  By day, I work in the travel industry.

Karisa – Marvel Comics, DC Comics

Karisa's Profile PicLover of a great many things, including comics, video games, sci-fi in all its forms, music, and YA lit. I’ll probably never stop missing Stargate: Atlantis, and I will passionately defend Oracle as the most important member of the Bat-family. I have my MsED in Literacy, and I spend most of my time researching things for other people who never learned how to Google. I might actually be Oracle, but I’ll never admit to it publicly.

Magik- Video Games, Anime

Marshal's Profile PicHello all! I’m Magik! I got roped into this because my fiance needed an alibi (Joking!). I’m into anime, video games,, tech stuff, Spider-man, and messing with Andromedas’ -ing’s.



Brad – Horror, Music

brad-profile-picBrad lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, their cat Shemi, and fish Niko. He’s wrapping up an M.A. in Media Studies at The New School in Manhatten and has been a lifelong horror dork since the age of three. While R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps was his first horror love, he’s since branched out into the full genre (especially the corny B-movie stuff). If he had to choose a favorite, it’d be Candyman.

Johnny – Anime, Video Games, Movies

johnnys-profile-picHey, Johnny here, covering video games, movies, anime news, and reviews! In my “free” time, when I’m not writing articles, I’m owning it up on OverWatch for PS4 (JohneTehBeast). Other than gaming, my hobbies include photography, attending conventions (It’s all about the con life!), and just doing random things!

Will – Marvel, DC Comics, The Walking Dead

wills-profile-picName is Will Ferrell. Some accomplishments I take pride in; Jedi, dual citizenship in both Midgard, and Asgard, Star City Detective, Central City vigilante, co-founder of Justice League of America and previous assistant to the late, great Dr. Abraham Erskin RIP. I currently reside at The Kingdom as Ezekiel’s personal trainer to Shiva.

Nessa – Marvel, DC Comics, The Walking Dead

nessas-profile-picBy day, you can find Nessa sleuthing through the inter webs for trends and trolls. By night, she becomes Super Sparkles – a vigilante with the heart of Katniss Everdeen, the sultry skills of Black Widow, and a wardrobe fierce enough to rival Felicity Smoak’s. Armed with glitter bombs and an army of unicorns, Super Sparkles is always ready to boldly go where no other hero has gone before.

In between chasing starships and hacking her way through the net, you can find Nessa scouring thrift stores for cosplay inspiration. A huge fan of couples costumes, it is her dream to convince her fiancé to recreate Raggedy Ann and Raggedy C-3PO.

Matt – Black Sails

MattSundell_BioPicIn 2013, Matt co-produced and directed “The Devil in Jersey”, a short horror film which played at several east coast film festivals, including The Big Apple Film Fest at Tribeca Cinema in New York city.

As “Team Starmada”, lead Matt Sundell, along with Daniel Dw and John Housley, created “Hive”, a short film about the dangers of technological advancement. The film received 6 nominations and won 4 awards, including best film at Philadelphia’s 2014 Project Twenty1 Film Competition. In addition to conceiving the concept and story, Matt directed, shot, and edited the film.

Matt currently works as director of photography on the web series “Ghetto Nerd Girl” which won the Audience Choice Award at the 2014 Atlanta Webfest.