We’re Going to Put a Happy Little Deadpool 2 Teaser Right Here

Ryan Reynolds Goes Full-on Bob Ross, and it's Amazing!

Why does June have to be so far away? If you’re not asking that question, drop whatever meaningless-by-comparison task preoccupies you and go watch Deadpool, the 2016 dark horse comic book triumph! The 20th Century Fox X-Men project languished in developmental Hell for nearly a decade until someone (we’re all pretty sure Ryan Reynolds) leaked test footage online. Despite its paltry shoestring budget, Reynolds’ enthusiasm for playing the merc with a mouth garnered over $750-million at the box office. Deapool is easily one of the truest comic book film adaptations we’ve ever seen; it’s no surprise that Fox greenlit Deadpool 2 before the first film even opened in theaters.

For those of you keeping track, it’s been over a year since that romantic Valentine’s Day release. That’s a long, long time to leave an itch unscratched. If not for teaser trailers to tide us over, I think we all would’ve gone stark raving mad by now. Speaking of teaser trailers, the newest release yesterday is a demented work of genius.

The Deadpool 2 Family Enjoying Their Thanksgiving Together
Now there’s one happy-looking, demented family enjoying their Thanksgiving!

When is a Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer Not a Teaser Trailer?

Deadpool’s always been known for his fourth wall breaks, but this might just take the proverbial cake. Picture, if you will, a Deadpool 2 teaser that barely teases… because it spends most of its time parodying Bob Ross. Reynolds dons the “happy little tree” wig over his red spandex and delightfully trolls us for nearly two-minutes straight. It’s more of a drug-trip—even with the cocaine references—than whatever Alexander Reben’s AI created. Yet somehow, Getting Wet on Wet With Deadpool 2 feels exactly like the perfect teaser. The jokes are all there, including the “show credits” at the end; keep an eye out for the Star Trek and Wayne’s World references, they’re worth pausing for. If this is any indication of what we’re in store for come June, I’m more sold than I already was.

Don’t worry, there is actual footage from the upcoming sequel in a flash-cut montage, and this film looks even better than the first. Check it out for yourself! Deadpool 2 snarks its way into theaters June 1st.

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