Get Geek-Chic with Uniqlo’s UTGP 17″ Nintendo Inspired T-Shirts

Popular clothing retailer Uniqlo is continuing to embrace its unique experience not only for buyers but also the artists who’ve contributed over the years to their annual UT Grand Prix! While previous iterations saw a focus on popular anime and gaming from the clothing retailer, this year they managed to stay close to their roots but with a whole new offering: Nintendo.

Every summer artists from all over the world get a chance to submit their designs to be featured the following Spring/Summer season centered around the theme of choice and, with over 16,000 submissions, twenty-five designs were selected by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and the Nintendo team. The winners covered a plethora of popular franchises  from  Pokemon  to Metroid, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, Kirby and plenty more!

Like most selections from Uniqlo, the tees have available options for men, women, and kids, starting at the incredibly low price of $9.90 for children and $14.90 for adult sizes. Average sizes include Small up to a 2XL. Uniqlo’s attention to detail, excellent quality, and affordability have made them a popular staple in the US. Think of them as the “Ikea” of clothing considering their modern design approach, functionality, and accessibility for the average savvy buyer.

Much of the featured collection are homages to the Super Mario universe, mostly depicting the Marios Bros themselves, Princess Peach, Super Star, and an ironic but witty inspirational quote from a lovable Koopa. Others include the timeless Legend of Zelda, Starfox, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, and even a design from Splatoon for Wii U!

Given the surging popularity of Pokemon GO and Sun Moon this past year, it’s no surprise that the pocket monsters seem tied with everyone’s favorite plumber for most designs featured in the collection, if not the most. Everything from a minimalist Pikachu silhouette to some Pokeballs with a witty quote. These are designs were made by fans for fans in mind, all while capturing the wonderful memories, humor, fun, and nostalgia of our favorite modern and classic games.

The Uniqlo UT Grand Prix T-Shirt Design Contest is easily one of the best assets for artists, clothing designers, and pop culture fans at large who look to their clothing as a trendy representation of the things they love, all the while remaining affordable for the average consumer. As for the artists, the idea of having their work becoming a wearable piece of popular merchandise and licensed by the same company they’ve grown to love has to be as rewarding as the work itself .

You can find most of the collections at a local Uniqlo retail location near you, with most stores also being featured in many mall outlets as well or like with most retailers their website for fast, hassle free shipping at your convenience!

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