F.T.Life – Jumps 4, 5 and 6

This is the key to self destruction. With it, one can see many ways to sacrifice for the “greater good.” If you drain away the energy, and use it all sprinting, you may find what you seek. That desperate drive can take you far. Further than most would even think.

But when you get there, will there be anything left?

F.T.Life - Episode 6 - Jumps 4 5 and 6 Nerdslant upload file

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Tyler Tilley
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Tyler J. Tilley was born and has lived in the state of Connecticut for his whole life. Though burdened by heavy taxes, he has learned to survive in a desolate land, and he hopes to prosper further.

I’m an author with a focus on emotion and character whose genres of choice are fantasy and science fiction. The human condition intrigues me, and it’s sometimes shocking what we’re capable of. Although the first novel I’ve written is fantasy (‘Blacktongue’), it was science fiction in the form of ‘Ender’s Game’ that led me to dream of storytelling. Having explored many mediums, from video games to film, the call to write still resonates strongest (but I do adore video games).