Shea – Digimon, Pokemon, Anime, Models

Me photoJust your run of the mill 27-year-old Pokemon, Doctor Who, anime, comic book, and movie junkie and I know more about nerdy stuff than you. Okay now that’s done listen, does anyone have access to advanced bio compatible cybernetics? Here’s the deal, Devin has this whole bit about living forever… but screw him! We all know simple gene tampering isn’t going to lead to immortality, so I need to be a full-body cyborg, because I’ll be damned if I let him outlive me! Plus, I really just want to shoot lasers out of my hands.

D – Anime, Fanfiction, Japanese Culture

Photo on 10-31-15 at 7.57 PMIf D were a superhero it would be Buffy with Cardcaptor Sakura’s wardrobe. She would have super strength, demon slaying abilities, and be able to fill her enemy’s bladder and her bank account.
She currently collects degrees, reads a lot of manga, and betas fanfiction. Her most recent cosplay was samurai Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

Lisa – Gotham, Theater, Children’s Literature

Lisa1Hello! My name is Lisa Krajecki. I have an MLIS, and I am getting a second master’s degree in Children’s Literature. I love fantasy literature, poetry, long walks on the beach, and anything chocolate. My absolute favorite author is George MacDonald.