Crisis on Infinite Directors in the DCEU

It looks like Justice League is already getting an Earth-2 alternate universe, because Joss Whedon (Avengers, Serenity) has officially taken over the reigns as director.  The Zack Snyder cut that may have been was sidelined by personal tragedy, and the long tenured DCEU director has officially stepped down.   Out of respect for director Snyder’s family, the details of this event will not appear in this article.

Hot off the heels of reshoot rumors (which were later waived off as a hoax), the switch has shot some much needed enthusiasm into this feature. This especially after Diane Lane (Martha Kent), one of the DCEU’s longest-running stars, admitted it wouldn’t be better than Whedon’s 2011 box office smash juggernaut The Avengers.  While some people were calling for the actress’ head, Lane later clarified that her response of “No and no,” pertained to, “No I won’t talk about it and no the Avengers isn’t better,” to paraphrase.

Bet you were all mad until you heard her character has the same name as your mother.

In spite of nerd-God Joss Whedon’s addition, early reports for Warner Bros. newest film Wonder Woman have been glowing.  While the marketing campaign for WW has been lackluster to most fans, critics are calling it the best DCEU film to-date.  Unfortunately, that statement is a double-edged sword as, by comparison, if you were the only person left on Earth you’d also be the smartest.

Whedon himself has already been revealed to have involvement in an upcoming Batgirl movie, and it would be great for him to get his hands wet working for the DC machine.  Although DC and Marvel are large comic book companies who specialize in superheroes, the comparisons should stop right there for argument’s sake.  It can be agreed that Joss will have more leeway when it comes to darker, more mature material if he so pleases with the Batgirl project.  Also, the addition of such a highly bankable director could spread throughout the company, keeping a highly-rated Bat-Fleck (Ben Affleck) back on the team.

Bat-Fleck looking for his Bat-F*@cks…

So what does this mean for the mostly finished Justice League film?  WB president Toby Emerich has gone on record stating, “We’re not introducing any new characters […] It’s the same characters in some new scenes.  He’s handing a baton to Joss but the course has really been set by Zack.”  So while reshoots are most likely still going to happen, I would say the core of the movie is already set in stone, with a few lines here and there slipping their way in.  It’s no surprise they hired a guy who’s made a living off ensemble casts, and for that reason I believe there are some pieces of the team building that fell flat on early viewers.  After all, they could have gone with Suicide Squad’s David Ayer to fill in.

Sadly, the timing for a director to switch off was the best it could be for such an ambitious movie.  With enough room for reshoots, Whedon will have time to throw in his wit to the dialogue and arrange the film so it flows more easily with an audience he knows a lot about.  If anyone can whip up something watchable on such short notice, it’s Joss Whedon.  That, and let’s be honest, people are freaking out over the reported reshoots even though they’re mandatory for a huge budget movie with such big stars in today’s Hollywood age. Just look at every other blockbuster that’s come out over the past decade and you’ll realize reshoots don’t necessarily mean the movie automatically “sucks.”

Seriously… name one thing Whedon’s done that you don’t like. You can’t.

If all else fails and you’re hungry for some masterful storytelling that includes your favorite DC characters, the newly released video game Injustice 2 should satiate your appetite.  Until then, keep on checking up with us at nerdslant for the latest updates and news!

Justice League is slated for release in the US on November 17th, assuming all goes according to plan.

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