Gab – Young Adult Lit., Fantasy Lit. Sci-Fi, Disney

Hello, interwebs! I’m Gab and you can often find me in a dance studio, where I share my craft by both education and performance.  When it comes to all things nerd, I’m a fan of a lot of things – from my childhood education in Star Trek, Star Wars, and 90s comics cartoons, to my love of fantasy, sci-fi and YA literature.  I’ve never stuck to one fanbase, and my preferences lean toward the action-packed or the wildly fantastical.   I’m a huge fan of origin stories, horrible serial TV reruns, spy games, dystopias, and magic.  Fair warning: some posts may come with pictures of the one and only #faustthedog.

Taylor – Video Games, YouTube Crew

Taylor, a Bronx native, resides in New Jersey and works as an independent filmmaker after studying at the New York Digital Film Academy Conservatory Program. He’s currently an undergrad Communications major at the University of Maryland University College. Aside from film and media, he’s a self proclaimed PlayStation fanboy and wanderlust-fueled explorer of decadent experiences and dining, all while being an avid collector of Chuck Taylor Converse. From innovations in modern gaming to captivating moments in cinema, there’s always an experience to be had in art and storytelling. He has four goals in life: Always find a way to tell a story, always live his story, leave the world around him in a better state than previously had, and have his own shade of purple.

Mike — Comic Books, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books

Mike started at a young age when he was force-fed the original Star Wars trilogy. Today, he continues to love long, complex fiction that takes aim at the strange and varied human condition while using absurdity to bring about effective analysis of our own shortcomings as people. Example: Hyperion is one of the greatest stories ever told (maybe even better than Dune), and Mike’s eagerly awaiting the next installment of The Stormlight Archive. He recently fell back into Bethesda’s Fallout and The Elder Scrolls black holes, but plans to come outside for fresh air one of these days soon… perhaps when it’s time to pick up Oathbringer.

Stacy – Anime/Manga

Stacy is a mother, medical professional, and master of her own universe. She began college in New Jersey and completed her degree in Crime Scene Investigation in Florida. Stacy started her ever growing collection of nerdy books, art, and memorabilia as a child. The Dragonlance book series is where her journey started. From there she became enthralled with fantasy realms. Stacy now is an avid reader of not just fantasy but; science fiction, manga, comics/graphic novels, and non-fiction. In her free time she likes to create art (drawing, painting, crafting) and design jewelry.

Steve – Movies

Hello interwebs! I’m a Virginia based performance artist. I do slam poetry, sketch comedy, television, commercials, and theatre. I’m here doing my part in celebrating nerd culture by reporting it here at nerdslant and developing my own brand of unique video content with my partner in crime, Philip Johnson.