Convention Coverage

Bluefin is Bringing Exclusive Street Fighter V Figures to NYCC

Did you race home from school as a child, throw your backpack across the room, and spent countless hours playing Street Fighter II on your Super NES? Fans of the iconic side-scrolling fighting game have been reliving that excitement this past year with the release of Street Fighter V, and now there’s even more on the horizon. Bluefin and Storm Collectibles are bringing those childhood memories to New York Comic Con this week in the form of some exclusive collectible... Read More


The Epic Hot Wheels Race You Always Dreamed Of

Remember those eye-grabbing Hot Wheels track commercials from when we were kids? The high production value, action-film music, and flawless editing, creating an unachievable expectation that invariably led to utter disappointment just hours after you put the playsets together? Then you’d just leave the cars lying around wherever, thus setting up the parameters for the story about that one time your babysitter slipped on them and broke her leg. Yeah, that was only funny years... Read More

Convention Coverage

Star Wars Celebration 2017: A Toy Story

As many of you nerds out there already know, Star Wars Celebration was held last weekend in Orlando, Florida to epic fanfare.  While the biggest stories to come out of the event were the first teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi and the return of Hayden Christianson to a Star Wars convention for the first time in years, some other news flew a little more under the radar. Bluefin, a leading collectibles dealer, presented a ton of cool releases at their booth from a... Read More


Holy Coin Holder Batman!

In what is quite possibly the most important news story of my life, the William Shakespeare bust from the 1966 Batman series is going to be available for sale!!  For those of you not entirely familiar with this classic piece of Bat-history, the bust of Shakespeare in stately Wayne Manor flips open to reveal a button.  With just a push of that button, a bookcase moves aside allowing access to the Bat-poles and the Batcave. Diamond Select,  the company producing the bust, debuted it this... Read More


Ker-Splat, Exploding Kittens Goes Mobile!

Created by the mad geniuses behind The Oatmeal’s Exploding Kittens (which was fully funded through KickStarter in the first eight-minutes, and reached 106,000 backers in their first week), have we got great news for you: Following their success, Exploding Kittens has now burst unto smart phones! In the app’s first day of launch, it received more than 10,000 downloads. I bought the original and NSFW-versions of the card game on Amazon for twenty-dollars each as soon as they were... Read More


Death Star For Sale!

Rogue One, which hits theatres December 16th, follows the Rebels as they acquire the plans to the first Death Star.  In the spirit of the Galactic Empire, now you too can own your very own orbital battle station! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to blow up Alderaan, because this particular battle station is not fully-armed and operational.  What it can do, however, is pump out some awesome tunes! Oh, and did I mention that it levitates! That’s right: You can have your very own... Read More


Giant Plush Snorlax Pillow Now on Pre-Order

Premium Bandai now offers a huge Snorlax pillow, available for pre-order on their site for a mere $461.36, or 52,000 yen. The popular Pokemon, recognizable by many for its slothful behavior and charmingly bulky build, has been replicated into a huge (4’ 9” tall by 4’ 3” wide, and nearly 2’ thick) plush pillow, more than large enough for a child (or determined adult) to comfortably enjoy. Advertised as “Kabigon Cushion that makes you never want to wake up”, it’s currently... Read More



Some of you might have heard of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is a little indie film with a low budget that has made a moderate amount of money.  Actually it’s a $200 Million masterpiece that has so far grossed more than $1.7 BILLION worldwide.  Best part: It has a strong female protagonist! No really!!! While Rey (Daisy Ridley) steals the show in the film, there are some places where the force is not so strong with her, namely, toys.  In a shocking move, there seems to be a lot of... Read More


All a Nerd Wants for Christmas: The nerdslant Staff Holiday Wishlist

With the holiday shopping season in full-swing, the staff here at nerdslant decided to compile a list of our ideal nerdy Christmas gift, both to dreamily imagine unwrapping them on Christmas morning ourselves, and to let you know about some of the fantastic items available as you’re out there braving the throngs of fellow shoppers, hunting for that one perfect gift for the nerd in your life you adore. We hope this list brightens that light bulb in your brain, and just maybe might... Read More