Cartoon Network is Serving Up All-New Steven Universe Content

It's a Venerable Animation Smorgasbord Through December

You’ve been patient since May to scratch that itch, Steven Universe fans, and the wait is over! The “Wanted” four-part miniseries that ran five months ago left us with more questions than answers (and a borderline diabolical cliffhanger) when it comes to everyone’s favorite human-Gem hybrid, but show-creator Rebecca Sugar and the animation wizards over at Cartoon Network are ready to reward you with a feast—and I’m not just talking about new episodes. Let me break down this deluge of Steven Universe content that’s heading your way:

Save the Light from Grumpyface Studios:

The critically acclaimed 2015 mobile game Attack the Light tickled fans during their downtime and wasn’t lost on industry insiders; Destructoid nominated it for “Best Mobile Game of 2015”; Paste Magazine put it on their “10 Best Mobile Games of 2015” list; and Popular Mechanics did the same with their “10 Best RPG Games” of the year. Indie developer Grumpyface Studios have upped the ante with Save the Light, a fantastic follow-up that’s now available for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The console sequel introduces us to a new villain, Hessonite (Christine Baranski), and new fusions, something I know many of you were hoping for in the first game. Save the Light once again features the gorgeous distant character design (for rendering purposes, but who cares) and an original story written by Sugar and her team that expands the Steven Universe canon. Check out the San Diego Comic Con trailer below. How’s that as an appetizer?

New Steven Universe Episodes:

For our main course, we have six new episodes premiering this Friday, November 10th on the Cartoon Network App that pick up right where “Lars’ Head” left off. Having escaped from Homeworld via the Lion-esque portal through Lars’ (Matthew Moy) hair, Steven (Zach Callison) returns to Earth with heavy guilt weighing on his conscience. How will Lars and the Off Colored Gems fare back on Homeworld with Yellow and Blue Diamond hot on their heels? If Rose Quartz (Susan Egan) didn’t shatter Pink Diamond, as we learned during Steven’s trial, then who did? How will the Crystal Gems and Connie (Grace Rolek) react to Steven’s difficult decision? Things don’t look good for Steven despite his triumphant homecoming from the trailer below; we’ll have to just wait and see when “Dewey Wins” drops tomorrow. The new episodes will air on Cartoon Network in December.

New Season of The Steven Universe Podcast:

As dessert, why not let your ears relish in the new eight-part miniseries from The Steven Universe Podcast, “Steven Selects”, available now on Apple Podcasts. There are new episodes going up every Thursday through December, with two already available for streaming. This season, host and superfan McKenzie Atwood takes a deep dive into fans’ favorite episodes and specials form the series. It’s all the behind-the-scenes info you’ve always yearned to know and more!

The Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1:

If the Dinner Party Download hosts have taught us anything, it’s that no fine feast is complete without the perfect musical accompaniment, and you’re covered there. The chart-topping digital album Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1 is getting a delectable vinyl treatment this December thanks to the awesome folks at Each of the four 10” translucent colored discs represents one of the Crystal Gems and features all thirty-seven songs from the original collection as well as album art by Chromosphere, designed in close collaboration with Rebecca Sugar. There’s still time to preorder the set before it drops!

Ready to feel satisfyingly and full? Sure, it’s a lot to digest. However, knowing Steven Universe fans you’ll undoubtedly be going back for seconds and taking some with you for the road. As for what lies ahead in 2018, I for one have no doubt that Sugar and her entire team are cooking up some delicious treats. Keep yours eyes peeled for new Steven Universe updates right here at nerdslant.

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