Calling all Superheros!

There's a new convention on the block.

Everyone can be a superhero!
Everyone can be a superhero!

Hey everybody, your friendly neighborhood robot-man-slash-admin here!

I’m excited to finally announce that nerdslant is partnering with our friends, Press Communications to bring you Superhero Superfest! The best new intimate convention experience on the east coast! Taking place in the renowned Pine Belt Arena of Toms River NJ, Actors, NFL Superstars, Vendors, Cosplayers and other talent from all over have signed on-board to bring you a fantastic time. We have got some fun plans for a few nerdslant run events, which we are sure you will love! More in depth articles on the festival are incoming as we near the live date, so watch out for those over the next three weeks!

Until then PLEASE check out for updates, Ticket Prices and an overview of events!

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