Bluefin is Bringing Exclusive Street Fighter V Figures to NYCC

Did you race home from school as a child, throw your backpack across the room, and spent countless hours playing Street Fighter II on your Super NES? Fans of the iconic side-scrolling fighting game have been reliving that excitement this past year with the release of Street Fighter V, and now there’s even more on the horizon. Bluefin and Storm Collectibles are bringing those childhood memories to New York Comic Con this week in the form of some exclusive collectible figures!

Personally, I’ve always been a Ken fan myself, but most people love Ryu. With that in mind, Storm is offering not one but two exclusive Ryu figures. Hot Ryu and Ryu Brown Gi Version will both be available only at Bluefin’s booth (#1813). Each stands at 7″ tall (1:12 scale) with thirty points of articulation and features multiple interchangeable facial expressions and palm accessories. I will say that while Ryu doesn’t even crack my Top 5 playable characters, Hot Ryu has one of the best beards in all of video gaming.

Now, if Street Fighter isn’t your thing, don’t even try to say you’re not a Mortal Kombat fan like myself. Good news, everyone: Storm Collectibles has you covered there, too! Everyone has always been obsessed with Scorpion and Sub-Zero, but they’re lame compared to my all-time favorite, Noob Saibot. Named after MK creators Ed Boon and John Tobias (look at their last names backwards), the black-clad Saibot was originally a hidden character whose moveset closely resembled the other “ninjas.” Overtime popularity let to him receiving his own distinctive moveset and fatalities, and a more fleshed out backstory. Spoiler alert: He’s the original Sub-Zero, killed by Scorpion and later resurrected.

You can find the Noob Saibot Bloody Edition action-figure at the Bluefin booth and bring it home along with the Street Fighter V collectibles for an inter-franchise fight to the death!

Now there’s someone who really enjoys getting to play with toys for a living. We’re jelly.

And if that wasn’t already enticing enough, there’s one more treat for New York Comic Con attendees this year. Kiki, the Street Fighter V Character Designer/Storm Collectibles Supervisor, will be making appearances on Friday and Saturday at 1pm to meet with fans and sign autographs! Whatever your plans this upcoming weekend, make sure you stop by Booth #1813 for these con exclusives and the full line of Bluefin offerings.

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