Batman v Superman (2016) Movie Review – The Final Cut

Wonder Woman

Controversy has exploded all over the internet the past three days:  People are FB unfriending each other, harsh blog posts about certain folks are all over the place, and the nation is heating up. No, I am not referring to our current presidential race, I’m talking about reviews for Batman V Superman. I decide to throw my hat in the ring and critique this highly anticipated and debated superhero film.

In case you’ve been living under a Kryptonite rock, you can check out the most recent trailer for the film here and the official film site here.

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  1. Guys! I seriously don’t understand the bashing taking place here! As an avid superhero comic book reader, this movie was solid. Winter soldier level or better!!! I mean this! Luthor was maniacal and Wonder Woman was as impressive as doomsday! Cinematography on point and special effects and cgi better than I expected! Don’t believe the reviews you have seen floating around. Also, this movie is not for kids, so, stop whining and accept Ben Affleck as the new cape crusader!!! He already either topped or leveled himself with Bale and is going to be around for a while…

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