Science March Must-Haves for Effective Resistance

The following is only representative of the opinions expressed by the jerk who wrote it. nerdslant.com may or may not feel the same way. Probably so, but they’re sure as Hell not going to tell you. There’s nothing nerdier than science: It influences our fiction, which in turn influences our science. It’s a wonderfully symbiotic relationship. This weekend, on Saturday April 22nd, people are coming together all over the world to let others know that science is a thing to be embraced and... Read More


In the Not Too Distant Past: Our Top 5 MST3K Episodes

In the not too distant future, April 14th to be exact, Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans are getting something we’ve desperately wanted for years: A triumphant return! When creator and original host Joel Hodgson put out the call we answered with cash–i.e. the most successful Kickstarter campaign in history, with a few undisclosed donations (one rumored to be Hodgson’s longtime friend, comedian Jerry Seinfeld). Our reward? Shiny new episodes starring a freshman host, the next... Read More


We’ve Got Movie Sign, People: The New MST3K Netflix Trailer is Here!

Right now there’s just one question you should be asking yourself: “What does April 14th mean to me?” The correct answer is, of course, the date Netflix is dropping the brand new episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that long-time fans such as myself have wanted so very badly! Yesterday the first triumphant trailer made its way onto YouTube, giving us a peek at all the goodness on its way to our eyeballs’ bellies. Would that be the brain? What would a mental burp feel... Read More