Disney Decides to Let Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Go

You’ve heard the hype: Pixar’s Coco is an animation triumph that does authentic artistic justice to Mexican culture. The Dia de los Muertos-centered tale opened to rave reviews from fans, critics, and the Latino community at large. It’s the first film ever to cross one billion pesos in Mexico, and won the New York Film Critics Circle award for best animated film. So, you decide to see what all the fuss is about for yourself. The trailers wrap up, and next thing you know you’re... Read More

Comic Books

We’re Going to Put a Happy Little Deadpool 2 Teaser Right Here

Why does June have to be so far away? If you’re not asking that question, drop whatever meaningless-by-comparison task preoccupies you and go watch Deadpool, the 2016 dark horse comic book triumph! The 20th Century Fox X-Men project languished in developmental Hell for nearly a decade until someone (we’re all pretty sure Ryan Reynolds) leaked test footage online. Despite its paltry shoestring budget, Reynolds’ enthusiasm for playing the merc with a mouth garnered over $750-million at... Read More


Cartoon Network is Serving Up All-New Steven Universe Content

You’ve been patient since May to scratch that itch, Steven Universe fans, and the wait is over! The “Wanted” four-part miniseries that ran five months ago left us with more questions than answers (and a borderline diabolical cliffhanger) when it comes to everyone’s favorite human-Gem hybrid, but show-creator Rebecca Sugar and the animation wizards over at Cartoon Network are ready to reward you with a feast—and I’m not just talking about new episodes. Let me break down this... Read More

Everyone can be a superhero!
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The Top Five Things to See and Do This Weekend at Superhero Superfest

We’re just about a week away from Superhero Superfest in Toms River, New Jersey, the one-day family friendly convention that nerdslant has partnered with Press Communications to bring to you! This inaugural run has all the trimmings convention goers would expect from any comic con—including a wide array of comic book artists, vendors, and more—but “What sets Superhero Superfest apart from the rest?” you might be asking yourself. Here are the five things you should be most excited... Read More


Abi Umeda’s Post-apocalyptic Manga Children of the Whales Coming in November

VIZ Media’s given sci-fi/fantasy and manga fans alike reason to rejoice with the newly announced English-language translation of Abi Umeda’s Children of the Whales. An anime adaptation of the manga series is currently airing in Japan with plans for a worldwide Netflix release in 2018, but just as they say, “The book is way better than the movie,” so too go manga and anime. In an endless sea of sand drifts the Mud Whale, a floating island city of clay and magic. In its chambers a small... Read More


Batman and Harley Quinn Coming to a Theater Near You for One Night

Nostalgia has been all the rage thus far this century, with more reboots and sequels of classic 70s – 90s pop and cult classic entertainment than one could sanely list. We’ve had our peaks and valleys over the course—more valleys, but let’s not dwell on the cringe-worthy. Every once and a while, though, someone’s come along and given us something old and new: Enter Batman and Harley Quinn, coming to theaters nationwide for one night before its digital/home-video release later this... Read More


Nickelodeon Gives a Sneak Peek at Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling

Do you miss the 90s? That nostalgic, pre-9/11, pre-Great Recession world where things felt simpler, with a hint of gritty innocence? Where you only really had to worry about wearing the latest trendy clothing line and listening to the right tunes? Reboots, sequels, and remakes have been a hallmark of the 21st-century with some successes, like the DreamWorks/Netflix Voltron reboot, and more than a few flops (I’m looking at you, Fantastic Four, you were barely ten years old). Thankfully,... Read More

Comic Books

Secret Empire is Not the Captain America We Need Right Now

I’ve been reading through Marvel Comic’s Secret Empire crossover event leisurely, keeping an open mind despite the uproar throughout the comic book world when Captain America was revealed as a Hydra sleeper agent whose reality had been manipulated by Red Skull via a sentient Cosmic Cube named Kobik. A Chitauri invasion while the Planetary Defense Shield was disabled has trapped Captain Marvel, Alpha Flight, and countless other heavy-hitter heroes beyond the shield after Steve Rogers... Read More

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Stained Issue #2 Tightropes Cyberpunk and the Unnerving

Warning: The following review contains spoilers from 451’s newest comic book release, Stained. David Baron’s follow-up issue to the premiere of Stained from 451 retains the tight, fluid action and adds plot guaranteed to tickle and unnerve. The series follows recovery artist and bounty hunter for hire Emma London, described as “strong, possibly indomitable, and did we mention… part machine.” Following in the tradition of other cyberpunk works like Masamune Shiro’s Ghost in the... Read More

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nerdslant Plays – Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series (Ep. 1)

Still got that Guardians of the Galaxy itch in need of a scratch after seeing Volume 2 for the umpteenth time in theaters? Telltale Games’ got you covered. From the people who brought you choose-your-own-adventure adaptations of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Batman, and Borderlands comes Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. Episode one, titled “Tangled Up in Blue”, came out back in mid-April but fell under the radar what with all the clamoring... Read More