American Gods “Git Gone” Review: I Needed Craft Supplies…

Warning: The following review contains spoilers from episode four of Starz’ adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Here we encounter our first true deviation from the original American Gods novel and yet, with not one line written by author Neil Gaiman, he says it’s his favorite episode.  The viewer gets to delve into Laura Moon‘s back story, with a compelling performance by Emily Browning, but is it the Laura we are looking for? The opening scene shows an... Read More


American Gods “The Bone Orchard” Review: The Brave New World

Warning: The following review contains spoilers from the series premiere of American Gods. Oh, dear nerdy readers, I hope you’re as much a fan of Neil Gaiman as I am, because we’re about to delve into the realm of perhaps his greatest literary accomplishment. The book-to-television adaptation of American Gods has finally arrived on Starz, and you better be damn well thrilled about that! The opening credits alone are rife with iconography, both historical and modern, matching... Read More

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The Upcoming Golden Age of Neil Gaiman Multi-Media: Norse Myth and More

Back in June, Neil Gaiman announced his newest upcoming project: Norse Mythology. Set to arrive in February 2017, the “novelistic arc” will cover the beginning of the Norse mythos all the way through Ragnarok (the Norse “end of days” for those of you not familiar with the lore).  Get ready for a new classic, readers! Gaiman’s body of work has referenced Norse myth throughout his entire career. In his own words, it’s “ran like a vein of silver through Sandman, they were... Read More

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Black Panther Brings Diversity to the MCU

As Captain America: Civil War climbs steadily towards a $1-billion global box office this week, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become bigger than perhaps anyone had ever expected.  From the start of Phase 1, casting decisions have been one of the real strengths of the series.   Granted, there have been foibles along the way, but from Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark to the newest additions of Tom Holland as Spiderman, and Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa/Black Panther, I’d say that... Read More

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Nerdy Girls, Pretty Girls: Nerd Beauty Spring 2016

Nerdy makeup is on the rise, and it’s really a wonderful trend.  By no means are these the first themed makeup collections that are inspired by nerd-typical fandoms, but there are quite a few coming in the near future that you should know about! First, let’s talk about the Wonder Woman beauty line that is exclusive to Walgreens.  This line may actually be available in your local stores now, as well as debuting on the internet a few weeks ago.  For fans of drugstore beauty, the... Read More


Gaiman’s NEVERWHERE is Back on BBC Radio 4!

Ladies and gentlemen, you absolutely cannot miss this, BBC’s radio production of Neil Gaiman’s novel Neverwhere. If you were unaware of its brilliance, take advantage now!  The BBC produced an amazing piece of audio art, and you really, really, really need to go and take a listen to it.   Not convinced?  Gaiman’s fantasy novel Neverwhere is set in London, and then in something called London Below – where lost people fall, where pieces of time seem to not move forward,... Read More


Chubby-Girl Heroines: A Comparative Review and Commentary

There’s a new trend in town for young adult fantasy lit., and it’s the opposite of your normal princess. Long-time readers of young adult fantasy who’ve always loved strong female characters might not think this to be quite new.  Many authors – for instance, Tamora Pierce – have made brilliants career out of writing childrens’ and teens’ lit with truly strong and capable girl protagonists.  With the upsurge in the dystopian, girl-strong, love... Read More


The Year is 2016; the Name of the Movie is Babylon 5

The turning if the year gives many of us great pause; whether it’s contemplating very serious life-changing resolutions or just dealing with a killer hangover.  It’s a time advertised overly about restarting, renewing, re….booting? Yes, it’s now 2016, and I feel it’s my duty to remind you that two years ago, at San Diego Comic Con, J. Michael Straczynski announced his intention of bringing Babylon 5 back to audiences everywhere, this time in feature-length... Read More


World of NerdCraft: Book Wreath

Does your holiday need a nerdy touch?  Better yet, does your nerdy holiday need a traditional holiday something?  (I mean, Tardis blue does not a Christmas decoration make. Chanukah, maybe…) Well, here it is.  A book wreath!  Unfortunately, a book must be harmed in the making of this NerdCraft. Here’s what you need: ONE old book.  I used a paperback that was themed around Y2K and was so beat up that the library wouldn’t take it, so I didn’t feel bad.  A thrift... Read More