nerdslantInitially a collaboration of old friends and former writing colleagues, nerdslant was founded on the principle of bringing
informative, interesting nerdy news to our fellow nerds round the globe with a fun twist. Presenting the facts is easy, doing so with a blend of humor and adoration isn’t, but we here at nerdslant are always striving to achieve that perfect balance between journalistic integrity and down-to-earth relatability. Whether news articles, interviews, satirical editorials, reviews, etc., our writers only cover the things they feel passionate about, so you know everything we say is one-hundred percent genuine. While it may sound cliché, this is a nerd entertainment site by nerds for nerds.

Our staff writers and video team cover every form of nerd-dom
imaginable: video games, film, television, anime, manga,
fantasy/science fiction literature, comic books, conventions, and toys to name but a few. Name your favorite Marvel/DC television show, the best science fiction film ever made, or the ultimate survival-horror video game, and we have someone who loves it just as much as you do. That’s what we here at nerdslant have to offer, up-to-date
information and opinions on all the things you love by people who love them just as much.

That’s our promise, and if there’s something we’re not covering that you think we should, or if you’re interested in joining the writing staff, you can e-mail us at We’d love to hear from you.

Special Mark ProductionsWe’re also very happy to announce a partnership with Special Mark Productions, the YouTube channel of our very own staff writer Mark Krawczyk. We’ll be featuring his film reviews and original Star Wars series Lonely Trooper as new
articles on site. You can catch up with all of Mark’s fantastic digital video work here.