Don’t believe the Critics: Suicide Squad is Awesome

The most hyped movie of the summer,  Suicide Squad hit theatres on August 5th.   Since then, there has been nothing but harsh critical reviews, much like DC’s last big movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  A lot of the complaints are similar: choppy editing, lack of a plot, and bad character development.  While I do not think Suicide Squad is nearly as good as I was hoping,  it is still a solid film, definitely worth the obscene cost of movie tickets, as is exhibited by... Read More


Kevin Smith Finds Success in Canada

Warning: Spoilers for Yoga Hosers ahead. When one of my editors texted me to ask if I’d like to go to a screening of Kevin Smith’s new film Yoga Hosers with a Q&A session to follow, I politely said, “No, that is quite alright, I have no desire to see my childhood hero’s movie and listen to him speak.”  Actually, it went more like, “Hell yeah! Let me just tell my boss I am leaving early.” Let me tell you, the two plus hours it took me to get... Read More


Time’s Running Out on the Groovy Official Evil Dead 2 Board Game Kickstarter!

Ever wanted to play the grooviest tabletop game on the planet with two-to-six players? Well, Space Goat Productions, Inc. has made your nightmares come true with Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game! The Kickstarter campaign offers to editions for you to choose from based on your donation level–the standard and the deluxe–but they essentially function as the same game. As far as the premise goes, it’s pretty simple (and gleefully reminiscent of Evil Dead 2): Two-to-six... Read More