This Cosplayer Brings Epic Cosperation

Do you need cosperation? Unfamiliar with the term? It’s a noun best defined as “the inspiration to do a killer cosplay”. If so, you need look no further than TV-Chan Cosplay. She is killin’ it in the cosplay game with her gorgeous interpretations. From Luna from Sailor Moon, to her kimonoed Tentacruel from Pokemon, we at nerdslant are in awe. This beautiful lady is taking no prisoners. So we had to ask: What is make the perfect cosplay to you? What is perfect storm of... Read More


The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, Episode 8 – “A Jury in Jail” Review

Warning: The following review contains spoilers from this week’s episode of American Crime Story, and I don’t mean the verdict. For the first time, the anonymous jury members are given an identity and the audience gets a glimpse of what their experience serving in the courtroom for “The Trial of the Century” is really like. “A Jury in Jail” serves as an accurate description, considering that poker-playing O.J. Simpson (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) seemed to have more... Read More

Wonder Woman

Batman v Superman (2016) Movie Review – The Final Cut

Controversy has exploded all over the internet the past three days:  People are FB unfriending each other, harsh blog posts about certain folks are all over the place, and the nation is heating up. No, I am not referring to our current presidential race, I’m talking about reviews for Batman V Superman. I decide to throw my hat in the ring and critique this highly anticipated and debated superhero film. In case you’ve been living under a Kryptonite rock, you can check out the... Read More


Dawn of Justice: The Critics Are Wrong

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Ever since Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman, many, myself included have been skeptical about his ability to pull off the role.  After all, he was Daredevil, and we all know how that went.  As the release approached, and critics started trashing Batman v Superman left and right, I honestly can admit to losing sleep over it.  Could DC mess up as bad as they did with Green Lantern? How will this... Read More


Dear Hollywood, More Female Stand-Alone Comic Book Films: A nerdslant Staff Pitch

With the recent blockbuster release of DC’s Batman v. Superman -featuring the introduction of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman – Gadot’s impending film coming out in 2017, and March being Women’s History Month, we decided to focus on the one thing missing in the comic book film industry: Female stand-alone leads. Now, before any of you reading this cry foul, yes, we’ve seen stand-alone female comic book films before, but they’ve always lacked substantive plot,... Read More


Black Sails, Ep. 3.9 – “XXVII” Review: Get on With It Mother F**ker

Warning: The following review contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Black Sails. The camera sails swiftly across the wide open ocean. Captain Hornigold’s (Patrick Lyster) ship pursues The Walrus which heads quickly toward Maroon Island. With Hornigold’s ship on their tail Flint (Toby Stephens) cannot simply drops anchor and use the longboats to row ashore – they’d be canon fodder for Hornigold’s guns. John Silver (Luke Arnold) devises a plan: Speed toward the shore... Read More


Gotham, Episode 15 – “Wrath of the Villains: Mad Grey Dawn” Review: Heeere’s Eddie!

Warning: The following review contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Gotham. With a bang, the Riddler is born. Ok, so maybe ‘born’ isn’t the right word. Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) has been slowly turning from good-natured punchline to sociopathic killer before our very eyes. Unfortunately for Gordon and friends, no one on the show (besides the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), but we’ll get to him later) seems to notice any real difference in him. The bomb in the art... Read More

Detailed Report

Winter is Coming, Along With the Biggest Battle in Television History

Game of Thrones is upping the ante in season six with the largest battle in television history. In the show’s most recent trailer we got a sneak-peek at some of the battle scenes, including one with warhorses, who’re reportedly difficult to work with according to David Beinoff. The HBO smash-hit co-creator told Entertainment Weekly: “Miguel did such a fantastic job with ‘Hardhome’ we thought we should bring him back – this time with horses. Horses are not easy, at all.... Read More