• Animaton

    Disney Decides to Let Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Go

    You’ve heard the hype: Pixar’s Coco is an animation triumph that does authentic artistic justice to Mexican culture. The Dia de los Muertos-centered tale opened to rave reviews from fans, critics, and the Latino community at large. It’s the first [...]
  • Anime/Manga

    Astra Lost in Space Hurls Readers to the Far Reaches

    Kids in peril seem to be quite popular with pop culture fans these days. From the Hunger Games series to VIZ Media’s upcoming new release, The Promised Neverland, death and danger force them to confront issues far beyond their age. Now you can add [...]
  • Anime/Manga

    Get Ready to Sink Your Teeth Into The Promised Neverland

    VIZ Media continues to roll out disturbingly gripping new manga this holiday season with the dystopian series The Promised Neverland. A sinister secret threatens the Grace Field House orphanage in this weekly Shonen Jump masterpiece. The story centers around Emma, Norman, and Ray, the brightest children at [...]
  • Comic Books

    Justice League Exceeds All Expectations!

    Warning: The following review contains spoilers for Warner Brothers Justice League. Many DC Comics fans were skeptical heading into the premiere of Justice League; after the beating Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice took from critics and fans alike, it’s easy to understand why. [...]
  • Anime/Manga

    Children of the Whales Reimagines the Post-Apocalyptic Genre

    The following review of Children of the Whales is spoiler-free, so feel free to read on without fear. In just a few days, VIZ Media is releasing the first English-translation volume of Abi Umeda’s Children of The Whales. The manga puts a refreshing fantasy [...]



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