Warner Bros. is Releasing a DC Animation Box Set

With all the DC/Warner Bros hype focused on their Hall H panel at San Diego Comic Con for Justice League and Aquaman, some fantastic news may have slipped under the radar last week. Having cranked out thirty animated feature films over the last decade, the powers that be have decided to give fans a special treat: a complete 32-disc box set in celebration of the DC Animated Universe 10th anniversary! Whereas it can be argued that Marvel Studios has been dominating the big screen via... Read More

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A Preview of DC-TV’s Upcoming Fall Seasons

The weather’s getting colder, leaves will soon begin turning shades of orange, red, and yellow, and pumpkin spice everything is finding its way onto store shelves. You know what that means: New seasons of DC-TV are coming in just a few days! This lifelong DC Comics fanboy couldn’t be more excited for the return of some of the franchise’s favorite heroes and villains, so here’s a rundown of everything to look forward to this fall. Gotham: Unlike The CW DC-TV... Read More

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Supergirl/Flash Crossover Update: The Grumble Heard Round the World, But Which World?

Warning:  This article contains potential spoilers for Supergirl. Just when I couldn’t be happier about Supergirl being renewed for another season, DC and CBS find a way to completely burst my bubble.  While I’m overjoyed that the heroes will team up against Livewire (Brit Morgan) and Silver Banshee (Italia Ricci), I’m equally pissed at the other news released regarding the episode: Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Barry (Grant Gustin) are from two different worlds.  I don’t... Read More

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Who is Zoom?

Normally I am writing reviews for The Flash, but I figured I would have a little fun and speculate on everyone’s favorite topic: who is Zoom (voiced by Tony Todd)? Ever since the sinister speedster showed up, there have been hardly any hints as to what his real identity is. Many people suspect that Zoom is none other than the Earth 1 version of Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears), who is named Hunter Zolomon.  Those of you that know your comics will recognize that name as the actual identity of... Read More


The Flash S2E10, “Potential Energy” Review

Warning: Spoilers ahead! The Flash shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon! The CW’s highest rated show came back from its mid-season break with another fast paced episode. Ok, fine! No more speed puns. Team Flash gets right back into dealing with a new meta-human villain, as well as their own personal lives. Even though the meta villain is second rate at best, the writing of this show is so perfect that you’re still sucked right in.  The Flash wastes no time reminding us... Read More


Kevin Smith Coming to The Flash!

Raise your hand if you like The Flash…Ok good. Now raise your other hand if you like Kevin Smith.  Excellent! That is a lot of hands up.  Well great news, kiddos: Kevin Smith will be directing an upcoming episode of The Flash! The CW made the announcement this past Sunday, saying that Smith will direct an episode late in this season, though not giving an exact date or episode number.  For comic book nerds everywhere, this is a big deal! The decision leaves others wondering if Smith,... Read More