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Overwatch Celebrates its First Anniversary with More on the Horizon

It’s been a hot week for fans of Blizzard’s Overwatch and all the lore its team has put together since the game’s release. The official celebration saw to a bevy of free DLC newness for all the kiddies, including three new battle arena maps, skins for many popular characters, voice lines that add to your indirect smack talking and, of course, dancing; no party is complete without some dancing! Each character has a rather cool, unique dance move in their personal arsenal of... Read More


Diablo 4 Rumors Spreading Ahead of Blizzcon 2016

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Blizzcon next week, but in order to talk about what I’m most excited for we need to take a trip down memory lane. For those of you young folk who grew up playing World of Warcraft, we’re going to step into a time machine and discuss the early days of PC-RPGs, specifically Diablo. Diablo was a hack-and-slash RPG developed by Blizzard North and released by its parent company, Blizzard Entertainment, on New Year’s Eve in 1996; it... Read More