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Get Geek-Chic with Uniqlo’s UTGP 17″ Nintendo Inspired T-Shirts

Popular clothing retailer Uniqlo is continuing to embrace its unique experience not only for buyers but also the artists who’ve contributed over the years to their annual UT Grand Prix! While previous iterations saw a focus on popular anime and gaming from the clothing retailer, this year they managed to stay close to their roots but with a whole new offering: Nintendo. Every summer artists from all over the world get a chance to submit their designs to be featured the following... Read More

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Pokémon Snap Added To US Wii U Virtual Console Catalog (Finally)

Longtime Pokémon fans, rejoice:  The beloved classic Pokémon game Pokémon Snap has, at last, come to the Wii U Virtual Console for North American players!  Although the game has been playable on Wii U since last year for other markets, it was inexplicably never made available for players in the US, Canada, and Mexico.  As one of their first bits of news for 2017, Nintendo announced the addition of the game to the US Virtual Console library, effective January 5, for $9.99. The 1999 N64... Read More

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From the Front Lines: The Pokémon Sun and Moon Midnight Release!

And the big night has finally arrived! I am writing this from my local GameStop, eagerly awaiting my copy of Pokémon Sun. Pokémon is experiencing a huge resurgence following this summer’a release of the mobile game Pokémon Go, and it is clearly evident at this release. I rolled up at 10pm to find a completely packed store. I’m talking about forty or so trainers ready to set out on a new journey in the Alola Region! The atmosphere’s perfect for Pokémon’s 20th... Read More

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Pokémon Sun and Moon to Replace Gyms and HMs with New Mechanics, Source Confirms

For the first time in the two-decade run of the Pokémon series, some of the most familiar playthrough components are getting an update. While not explicitly mentioned in the Pokémon Sun and Moon pre-release trailers or the recently-released game demo, astute trainers have noticed zero footage showing players utilizing HM moves in the overworld or battling in Pokémon Gyms. While this could’ve easily been brushed off as conspiracy speculation by rabid fans eagerly awaiting the... Read More

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Goodbye NX, Hello Nintendo Switch

Today we got our first look at the system Nintendo’s thrown all of its hopes and dreams into: the Nintendo Switch. Yes, gone is the name “NX” with the video game giant deciding to switch things up a little (Editor-in-Chief’s note: We here at nerdslant fully endorse this pun. Please don’t murder our Bemko.). With a miserably low-performing previous console and a slowing handheld market, Nintendo’s really needed a win they can bank on, and their... Read More

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo Announced

If you have been hankering for some new Pokemon action, and are having trouble containing your excitement prior to the Pokemon Sun/Moon release, I have some great news for you: A playable demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released via the Nintendo E-Shop and the Nintendo website beginning on October 18th! That’t right trainers, you will be able to explore the Alola region a month before the November 18th release! Oh but Nintendo did not stop there!  With the demo you will... Read More

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Hybrid-Feature and New Pokemon Games for the Nintendo NX Confirmed

Rumors and reports from “close sources” regarding Nintendo’s impending new console, mysteriously dubbed the NX, have been floating around for months now. That new Zelda and Mario games would be part of the first six-months after release weren’t much of a surprise; we’ve already known for a while that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would probably be released along with the NX. Both series have been staples of the video game giant’s catalogue since... Read More


All Systems Are Go! Pokémon GO, That Is

Niantic Labs, creators of the wildly popular Ingress augmented reality game, have just announced that registration for its most recent project, Pokémon GO , is going public. I had the pleasure of playing a tech demo a few months back, and I can tell you that this game’s definitely worth the wait. Built for iOS and Android platforms, the game’s due out sometime in 2016. Pokémon GO combines mobile-location technology using your mobile devices GPS function and augmented reality... Read More


Release Dates and Starters For the Newest Pokémon Installments Announced

Nintendo has announced through Pokémon Direct several key details surrounding the newest Pokémon games, Pokémon Sun and Moon. Having celebrated the 20th anniversary of the popular RPG-franchise earlier this year, the announcement broke among fan speculation and general praise for the last two sets of paired games, 2013’s Pokémon X and Y and 2014’s Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The new games are set to be released in Japan, North America, South Korea, Taiwan & Hong Kong,... Read More