Kevin Smith Finds Success in Canada

Warning: Spoilers for Yoga Hosers ahead. When one of my editors texted me to ask if I’d like to go to a screening of Kevin Smith’s new film Yoga Hosers with a Q&A session to follow, I politely said, “No, that is quite alright, I have no desire to see my childhood hero’s movie and listen to him speak.”  Actually, it went more like, “Hell yeah! Let me just tell my boss I am leaving early.” Let me tell you, the two plus hours it took me to get... Read More


Kevin Smith Coming to The Flash!

Raise your hand if you like The Flash…Ok good. Now raise your other hand if you like Kevin Smith.  Excellent! That is a lot of hands up.  Well great news, kiddos: Kevin Smith will be directing an upcoming episode of The Flash! The CW made the announcement this past Sunday, saying that Smith will direct an episode late in this season, though not giving an exact date or episode number.  For comic book nerds everywhere, this is a big deal! The decision leaves others wondering if Smith,... Read More