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X Marks Where? The Fubared X-Men Film Franchise Timelines

If you’re a fan of Far Cry 3 (or dictionaries) you’ll remember that insanity is the “exact ‘frigging’ thing over and over again expecting ‘stuff’ to change.”  Sometimes I feel like that’s the motto over at the 20th Century Fox development room when referring to their heavy-hitting X-Men comic book franchise. Up until the past decade or so, rebooting old material was something that happened after a respectable amount of time, usually twenty or thirty years (Psycho, Lost... Read More

Comic Books

Fox is Taking a Mulligan on the Dark Phoenix

Like any good phoenix story, 20th Century Fox plans on raising another from the ashes of defeat.  The film studio recently rolled out some massive upcoming titles, one of which is a sequel to 2016’s cringeworthy X-Men: Apocalypse with the working title “Dark Phoenix”. With the behemoth Marvel Comics Universe  smashing box office records for going on nearly a decade now, every other comic book production company’s been trying to play catch-up despite how... Read More


Gaiman’s NEVERWHERE is Back on BBC Radio 4!

Ladies and gentlemen, you absolutely cannot miss this, BBC’s radio production of Neil Gaiman’s novel Neverwhere. If you were unaware of its brilliance, take advantage now!  The BBC produced an amazing piece of audio art, and you really, really, really need to go and take a listen to it.   Not convinced?  Gaiman’s fantasy novel Neverwhere is set in London, and then in something called London Below – where lost people fall, where pieces of time seem to not move forward,... Read More