More Than a Nostalgic Cashgrab: A Look at Netflix’s Castlevania

The kid in me would be tempted to begin this review with as many vampire puns and fan-gushing moments over the Castlevania franchise as possible; when your first console is an NES and Castlevania 3 the game you played most often with your brother, that leaves a lasting impact. As I got older, I became swept away by the story and grandeur of PlayStation’s Symphony of the Night—hell, my first Dungeons & Dragons character was a working-version of Alucard. We even... Read More


Penny Dreadful, S3 E7 – “Ebb Tide” Review

Warning: The following review contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Penny Dreadful. “Ebb Tide” opens with Lily (Billie Piper) at a graveyard, paying respect to a woman mourning the loss of her child–this token of gratitude only met with a declaration of an impending war. She then lays a wreath down on the grave and begins to cry, “Sara Croft,” presumably her own child. We then find Vanessa (Eva Green), laying in the museum post her romance with Dracula... Read More


Penny Dreadful, S3 E5 – “This World is Our Hell” Review: Ethan’s One Sick Puppy

Warning: The following review contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Penny Dreadful. In an almost complete contrast of the dreariness of London, this episode begins and ends in the West – both how it was won and lost for Ethan Talbot (Josh Hartnett). Alongside his demonic debutante Hecate (Sarah Green), they overlook the camp fire set by Inspector Bartholomew Rusk (Douglas Hodge) and his men who’re hunting down our dear werewolf. Desperate, as they’re both... Read More


Penny Dreadful, S3 Premiere E1- “The Day Tennyson Died” Review: Dreadfully Delightful

One-hour and a whole separate network channel away from HBO’s Game of Thrones second episode of the new season, we re-entered the dark but never dull world of Penny Dreadful on Showtime. The episode begins with Vanessa Ives (Eva Green), who’s seemingly in a rut, having become something of a recluse. With both her abode and appearance in shambles she seems to be reeling from some form of emptiness and withdrawal, having been formerly sought after by the Devil himself with the aide... Read More