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Overwatch Celebrates its First Anniversary with More on the Horizon

It’s been a hot week for fans of Blizzard’s Overwatch and all the lore its team has put together since the game’s release. The official celebration saw to a bevy of free DLC newness for all the kiddies, including three new battle arena maps, skins for many popular characters, voice lines that add to your indirect smack talking and, of course, dancing; no party is complete without some dancing! Each character has a rather cool, unique dance move in their personal arsenal of... Read More

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A Spirited New DLC Tracks Its Way Into Hyrule Warriors Legends

The Nintendo Direct announcement on September 1st gave gamers lots of new reasons to be excited over the next few months, including new additions to the Mii Plaza and the release of Super Mario Maker for the 3DS coming this December. However, out of all that the one thing I was most excited for was the new Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC! For those of you who don’t know about Hyrule Warriors and the subsequent Hyrule Warriors Legends, here’s a quick rundown. Hyrule Warriors and... Read More

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Everything We Know About Destiny’s Rise of Iron DLC

While countless leaks spoiled most of the surprises in the lead-up to the big announcement, Bungie finally unveiled the Rise of Iron DLC for Destiny a little over a week ago at E3 to mass fanfare. Rise of Iron will be the first and more than likely last major DLC release since The Taken King launched last September. As such, it’s going to be filled with tons of new content for players to explore. Bungie promised us a bevy of epic newness, and they’ve succeeded! In addition to... Read More

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Final Fantasy VII: An Unexpected Desolation of the Five (Or More?) DLC Episodes

Final Fantasy VII is getting The Hobbit treatment, as recent remarks made by game director Yoshinori Kitase confirm the rationing of content in the beloved installment’s remake.  News comes from a recent interview with Game Informer, polarizing the game and genera enthusiasts alike.  Although no stranger to sequels and controversy, Square-Enix is putting all of its chips on a move that may or may not backfire. Comparing the new story telling vehicle to the developer’s previous... Read More