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Wonder Woman: The Hero Warner Bros Needed, But Not the One it Deserved

Wonder Woman opened on June 2nd to something Warner Brothers wasn’t used to: Good reviews.  With the studio taking death blows from critics with each new release (seriously go read the reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad) they needed a hero (and a hit film) that could shield them.  Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is that hero. I’ve written before about how this film could be game changing in a Hollywood where men rule; from studio heads, directors, and top... Read More


Exclusive Interview with Kevin Altieri, Batman: The Animated Series Director

For any comic book fan growing up in the 90s, there was one definitive shared after-school ritual: Watching Batman: The Animated Series on Fox. The Warner Bros. Animation cartoon series ran from 1992 to 1995, and yet in just those three years it redefined the capped crusader in more ways than we could list here and introduced an entire new generation to the greater DC Comics universe. Borrowing from the aesthetic style and tone of the two Tim Burton Batman films, Batman: The Animated Series... Read More

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Batgirl Needs Wonder Woman and We Need Them Both

One of the most recent projects rumored to be in the works for the DC Extended Universe is a Batgirl stand alone film.  Any story from the Bat-Family tends to get lots of buzz, and this story is no different–especially since Joss Whedon’s  speculatively in talks to direct!  While this humble nerd journalist believes this could definitely be a big move for DC, we need to see how Warner Brothers handles Wonder Woman first before getting ourselves too excited; the success... Read More

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Could Ryan Potter Be the DC Extended Universe’s Robin?

Most of you already know that due to his success in the role of Batman, Ben Affleck will be directing and starring in a stand alone movie for the iconic DC Comics character.  Since that announcement, rumors and speculation about villains & allies for the Dark Knight have been making their way around the internet. One such rumor, regarding Joe Manganiello playing Deathstroke in the film, has already been confirmed.  While Deathstroke’s definitely an amazing addition to the DC... Read More

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What the Addition of Deathstroke Means for DC

Ben Affleck, who this time last year was the most hated man in the DC Extended Universe (Seriously, no one thought he would be a good Batman), gave nerds everywhere something to be excited about by breaking exclusive news via Instagram. DCEU is getting Deathstroke! The famed DC mercenary, also known as Slade Wilson, has become even more popular in recent years due to a role on the CW‘s Arrow.  A lot of the speculation (including “confirmation” from a “reliable... Read More

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Dear Warner Bros, Please Back Off

Much like the title character he was set to direct, Seth Grahame-Smith is running pretty quickly – unfortunately, it’s away from working on The Flash.  Citing “creative differences”, Grahame-Smith has decided to step down from his directorial debut.  Warner Bros. will still be using the screenplay he wrote, but would like a more “experienced” director at the helm. This just reeks of  WB running scared after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was beaten to a... Read More