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First Defenders Trailer Shows the Bulletproof, Blind Ninja, Glowing Fist, “Classy” Team in Action

The Marvel-Netflix alliance has finally given us a glimpse at the highly anticipated series Defenders has to offer, and it’s a lot. Rather than answering questions, though, it’s only created a flood of new ones. Who is Sigourney Weaver’s character Alexandra, someone big enough to pull the Defenders together?  Where was Stick (Scott Glenn) during all of Iron Fist only to show up now?  Is Elektra’s (Elodie Yung) bound to her Black Sky fate? When does... Read More

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One of the Four People Trapped in this Elevator is the Devil! 

Hah, nah, we’re not talking about another M. Knight Shyamalan flick! All jokes aside, we were finally given a real teaser for the upcoming Netflix original show The Defenders yesterday, featuring all four members of the New York team awkwardly standing in an elevator.  While the brief clip didn’t reveal much, it certainly served to push momentum forward and gauge interest in the upcoming ensemble series. Off the heels of Iron Fist (the last official Defender to début on the... Read More


The Man, the Myth, the Legend: An Interview With GNG Lead Actor Roland Keller

 To be honest, I had to part ways with quite a few actors since creating Ghetto Nerd Girl. It was always amicable. Like any production, people need to move on whether because of a new project or places their life’s taking them. Totally understandable, but on the flip side, I can proudly say that Roland Keller has been with us since day one.  I hope he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Rowland’s one of the most animated and energetic actors I’ve ever worked with,... Read More

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Jessica Jones – So Much Drama in Marvel’s NYC

It’s kinda hard being a street-level super hero in the Big Apple:  You have to work alone most of the time, your villains are way more powerful than you are, and there’s always a loose cannon either helping or screwing you.  While these three themes carry throughout all of the Netflix Marvel series shows, Jessica Jones (starring Krysten Ritter) has a key ingredient that puts it ahead of the pack:  perspective – a trait that show-runner Melissa Rosenberg promises to ring true... Read More


nerdslant Live! #4: Daredevil, Archer’s take on Magnum P.I., and Adam Sandler?

For the newest nerdslant Live!, we discuss Netflix’s second season of Daredevil, HBO’s Game of Thrones teaser trailer, the premiere of FX’s newest season of Archer (Or was it Magnum P.I.?), Suicide Squad speculation, and Adam Sandler… wait, what? In addition to listening to the podcast, you can also check it out on our YouTube channel for the full audio-visual experience, including the joy of watching us each get rightfully shot at different times with Nerf guns. ... Read More

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The Ladies of nerdslant Bring to You the First Tea Time Podcast

Once a month, the ladies of nerdslant will be bringing you a podcast exclusively with the female writers on staff they’ve decided to call Tea Time to talk about the nerdy things we all love so dear from a woman’s perspective. For the inaugural Tea Time podcast, the topics ranged from the impending new season of Game of Thrones, the second season of Daredevil recently released on Netflix, how Disney’s become much better when it comes to how they treat/address the LGBT... Read More

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The Devil’s New Clothes.

March 18th is slowly creeping up, and we’re getting closer to the table Netflix and Marvel are setting for us.  Like a loyal pet we were fed a small portion of the main course this week, with a new billboard image revealed showing us some costume updates for our main characters.  Punisher (Jon Bernthal), Daredevil (Charlie Cox), and Elektra (Elodie Yung) are featured prominently in their heavily evolved costumes from this season, and they’re all aimed to please. To start, we have... Read More

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Runnin’ With The Devil

Here it is!  The highly anticipated second half of the season two trailer for Netflix’s Daredevil original series was released across the internet and it’s safe to say we all like what we saw.  Part one of this headfirst-dive into the life of Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) gave us a few pieces of information and was firmly centered on the new Punisher (Jon Bernthal) in the Marvel cinematic universe.  This time around the focus has shifted to the enigmatic ninja from Matt’s Past, Elektra... Read More

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The Man Without Enough Places To Shut Up And Take My Money – Season 2

“You know you’re one bad day away from being me.”  These chilling words from Jon Bernthal, the newest actor to inhabit the avatar of Frank Castle, set the tone of season two of the Netflix series Daredevil.  On paper, it would seem correct to add a question mark at the end, but the delivery Bernthal brings to the Punisher’s fourth feature on visual media (can’t forget about Dolph Lundgren yo) is in contention to be the darkest statement yet.  Returning cast members Matt... Read More