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Justice League Exceeds All Expectations!

Warning: The following review contains spoilers for Warner Brothers Justice League. Many DC Comics fans were skeptical heading into the premiere of Justice League; after the beating Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice took from critics and fans alike, it’s easy to understand why. While Wonder Woman is widely regarded as one of the better comic book movies in a while, and helped right the Warner Brothers ship, that’s a bad taste to wash our of your mouth. People... Read More


Warner Bros. is Releasing a DC Animation Box Set

With all the DC/Warner Bros hype focused on their Hall H panel at San Diego Comic Con for Justice League and Aquaman, some fantastic news may have slipped under the radar last week. Having cranked out thirty animated feature films over the last decade, the powers that be have decided to give fans a special treat: a complete 32-disc box set in celebration of the DC Animated Universe 10th anniversary! Whereas it can be argued that Marvel Studios has been dominating the big screen via... Read More

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The Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

While Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is picking up steam heading into its worldwide release, Marvel decided to pour some more space super-team fuel into the hype machine! As if there wasn’t enough confidence already, with high and healthy première expectations. The presale has been so impressive, in fact, that Marvel’s “jumped the Gunn” and confirmed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3‘s already a go. News of the green light came from director James Gunn... Read More

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Batgirl Needs Wonder Woman and We Need Them Both

One of the most recent projects rumored to be in the works for the DC Extended Universe is a Batgirl stand alone film.  Any story from the Bat-Family tends to get lots of buzz, and this story is no different–especially since Joss Whedon’s  speculatively in talks to direct!  While this humble nerd journalist believes this could definitely be a big move for DC, we need to see how Warner Brothers handles Wonder Woman first before getting ourselves too excited; the success... Read More

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Hellboy III? Hell Yes!

Director extraordinaire Guillermo del Toro has fans of the Hellboy franchise as giddy as can be, taking to Twitter to tease a possible third film.  He only gave two options for his informal poll: Yes, and Hell Yes. One guess how this nerdslanter voted? That’s right, I voted hell yes, along with 68% of the Twitter voters. Informal poll (let’s see how many votes we get in 24 hours) Hellboy III — Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT) January 18, 2017 If you’ve never heard of or... Read More

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The Joker’s Identity Revealed!

For the last few months DC Comics’ readers have been waiting for the epic reveal of who the Joker really is. Fans have been pretty divided on the issue, with some believing that part of what makes the Joker great is his mysterious backgrounds while others just really want to know.  We were promised the revelation in this month’s Justice League #50, which hit comic book store shelves last Wednesday. The Joker’s background has varied over the years, but most origins center... Read More

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Robin War #1 Review

Warning: This review contains spoilers Recently, DC Comics started a new event in the Bat-family of comics: Robin War.  Having been out of the comic game for a bit, I decided this would be a fun story line to jump back in for and boy was I right.  One of the qualities that has made the Batman line of comics my favorite over the years is the personality clashes between the various Robins, and that is on FULL display here. The story arc takes place during a time where Bruce Wayne is no longer... Read More