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Crisis on Infinite Directors in the DCEU

It looks like Justice League is already getting an Earth-2 alternate universe, because Joss Whedon (Avengers, Serenity) has officially taken over the reigns as director.  The Zack Snyder cut that may have been was sidelined by personal tragedy, and the long tenured DCEU director has officially stepped down.   Out of respect for director Snyder’s family, the details of this event will not appear in this article. Hot off the heels of reshoot rumors (which were later waived off as a hoax),... Read More

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Batgirl Needs Wonder Woman and We Need Them Both

One of the most recent projects rumored to be in the works for the DC Extended Universe is a Batgirl stand alone film.  Any story from the Bat-Family tends to get lots of buzz, and this story is no different–especially since Joss Whedon’s  speculatively in talks to direct!  While this humble nerd journalist believes this could definitely be a big move for DC, we need to see how Warner Brothers handles Wonder Woman first before getting ourselves too excited; the success... Read More


Batman: The Killing Joke’s Inducing the Crazy, Once Again

Many Batman fans have long-awaited this masterpiece finally gracing our screens, and for those of us who’ve read Alan Moore’s classic 1988 graphic novel it couldn’t have come fast enough. For those of you still scratching your heads, The Killing Joke is finally being made into a feature-length film! The Killing Joke shows us The Joker at quite possibly his furthest point from sanity. Now, we get to live through the madness all over again with possibly one of the best... Read More