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Nerdy Girls, Pretty Girls: Nerd Beauty Spring 2016

Nerdy makeup is on the rise, and it’s really a wonderful trend.  By no means are these the first themed makeup collections that are inspired by nerd-typical fandoms, but there are quite a few coming in the near future that you should know about! First, let’s talk about the Wonder Woman beauty line that is exclusive to Walgreens.  This line may actually be available in your local stores now, as well as debuting on the internet a few weeks ago.  For fans of drugstore beauty, the... Read More


Reflections of Alice in Wonderland

Alice is returning! When it was confirmed that Alice Through the Looking Glass was going to premiere in theaters this summer, my inner fan girl shot up as if she’d drunk too much Upelkuchen. With the announcement of the Memorial Day release date and first trailers, I found myself futterwaken vigorously. I grew up with a deep love of Alice, having watched and read any variation of the books I could get my hands on (I’ve also played the video game). Instinctively, I felt that her... Read More