Invader Zim is Back… Sort Of

People of Earth! The internet was “invaded” this week (pun intended) by the news that the cult-classic 2001  Nickelodeon  cartoon Invader Zim is making its return as a made-for-TV movie. This seems to be a new trend for the television network as part of an effort to revamp some of their most popular former cartoons into the modern-day, with other titles including Hey Arnorld and Rocko’s Modern Life slated to receive their own TV-movies as well. Invader Zim follows an... Read More


Diablo 4 Rumors Spreading Ahead of Blizzcon 2016

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Blizzcon next week, but in order to talk about what I’m most excited for we need to take a trip down memory lane. For those of you young folk who grew up playing World of Warcraft, we’re going to step into a time machine and discuss the early days of PC-RPGs, specifically Diablo. Diablo was a hack-and-slash RPG developed by Blizzard North and released by its parent company, Blizzard Entertainment, on New Year’s Eve in 1996; it... Read More