Bob Dylan’s Nobel Literature Prize and Context

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about how Dylan’s Nobel win is a travesty, a slight to great literature. At best, some see it as a missed opportunity for a lesser-known writer whose career could have been made by the win.   As much as I feel for Ngugi Wa’Thiongo (or my personal favorite Salman Rushdie), I must disagree. I could write a whole article regarding the idea of the Nobel Prize and quantifying literature; I could write another article about our human desire... Read More


Alice Holleman: “Cute-Creepy” and the Art of Illustration

I am very pleased today to be joined by illustrator Alice Holleman at the Howling Music Festival in Abingdon, VA. She’s done some wonderful art ranging from material for bands and concert flyers to webcomics and all kinds of interesting pieces that we’ll be talking about today. Alice, for those who aren’t familiar with your work, could you start off my introducing yourself and what you do? Alice: I am an illustrator and I like to consider my work “cute-creepy”, but in a more... Read More