nerdslant Nerdrant: Jedi Vs. Harry Potter Wizard – Who Wins in a Fight?

Warning: The following nerdslant Nerdrant by Drew and Rick contains potential Force-choking, indiscriminate Avada Kedavras, and dueling fanbases. If any of these things bothers you, this is not the nerdslant Nerdrant you’re looking for. For our this edition of nerdslant Nerdrant, we decided to pit two die-hard fanbases – Harry Potter and Star Wars – against one another to ask a seemingly simple question: Who would win in a fight? A Harry Potter wizard or a Jedi. Drew: So,... Read More

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nerdslant Nerdrant: Deadpool – Two Girls, One Cut

Warning: The following nerdslant Nerdrant between staff editors Sally and Ali contains spoilers from the film Deadpool, as well as pro-and-con point-counterpoint language. Fanboy discretion is advised. Sally: Deadpool’s a character I wasn’t too familiar with, but was willing to have an open mind about, so I agreed to see the movie with my husband. He sold me over by saying there would be X-Men characters in the movie, so that was enough to keep me entertained. If nothing else, I... Read More