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F.T.Life – Jumps 4, 5 and 6

This is the key to self destruction. With it, one can see many ways to sacrifice for the “greater good.” If you drain away the energy, and use it all sprinting, you may find what you seek. That desperate drive can take you far. Further than most would even think. But when you get there, will there be anything left? <Previous / Next> ... Read More

F.T.Life – Jump 3

It was wonderful, and filled with beauty. That light, glowing softly in the dark, feeding off power that even he could barely comprehend.  Soft blue like that of a clear sky practically hypnotized the mind. The glow demanded attention. It was terrible, and promised death. <Previous / Next> ... Read More

F.T.Life – Jump 2.5

The screens, controls and light fixture flare and die in random intervals. Static veils over every visible surface. The FTL core rattles against its shielding. The very framework of the ship nearly shakes itself apart as it comes to an abrupt and sudden stop. Their one warning came too late. The pirates are upon the hapless crew. They’ve crawled right into the spider’s web, and soon, fangs shall dig into their hides and drain them of all hope. They should have stayed home. Now... Read More

F.T.Life – Jump 2

Nothing makes sense. It’s all a garbled mess. The flash of violet is happy and alive, the underlying grey is sorrowful. In their locked conflict, they swirl, and both emotions are tainted with their counterparts. Their conflict wounds them both, but still they entwine. The light grows too intense. She squints up in confusion, blinded by the white that is left behind. <Previous / Next> Stay caught up on each and every new chapter of F.T.Life by subscribing to the nerdslant e-mail... Read More

F.T.Life – Jump 1

Systems are in… questionable condition. Sensors are on the fritz. Sophia, the only reliable pilot, is out of commission. The unlikely crew, it seems, is drifting aimlessly in a nebula… at least they hadn’t sheered the old vessel in half. <Previous / Next> Stay caught up on each and every new chapter of F.T.Life by subscribing to the nerdslant e-mail newsletter and click here for the complete chapter library. ... Read More

F.T.Life – Jump 0

Space, the gateway to the rest of our universe. Here we have a tale of adventure, taken to the stars. F.T.Life is a project that occurred to me while playing the computer game FTL; Faster Than Light. I highly recommend checking it out Steam if you haven’t already. These little characters move about the dangerous and unforgiving galaxy aboard a small metal vessel in the emptiness that surrounds our own little world. What must they feel? This more personal science fiction story will... Read More

Ghost in the Shell (2017) Movie Review on The Final Cut

Mark “The Movieman” and The Final Cut are at it again! Hook up your cyberbrain with ours to find out if the Ghost in the Shell live-action remake is as good as the original anime or just a glitch in Hollywood’s matrix. Plug into the trailer, backhack the official site, and dive into the IMDB info. ... Read More

The 5th Wave Movie Review – The Final Cut

It is January, but not all new release films are THAT bad… right? Find out if the latest sci-fi film starring Chloe Grace Moretz’s worth watching or if you should wave goodbye to The 5th Wave. You can find the official The 5th Wave trailer here, as well as their Facebook page and IMDB info. Tweet me @moviemaniac3d  if you’re interested in discussing films or just want to let us know what you think of the review.   ... Read More

LonleyTrooper 1138 vlog: When Life Hands You an Ant Hill

Welcome to the vlog of TK422.  When he first joined the Empire, he had dreams of becoming a commander but was thwarted at every turn, so he decided to travel back in time to change his future. That hasn’t gone well. We catch up with him as he travels with his clone to his clone’s homeworld in hopes of finding a way home. You can check out all of TK422’s vlogs by clicking here. ... Read More