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Secret Empire is Not the Captain America We Need Right Now

I’ve been reading through Marvel Comic’s Secret Empire crossover event leisurely, keeping an open mind despite the uproar throughout the comic book world when Captain America was revealed as a Hydra sleeper agent whose reality had been manipulated by Red Skull via a sentient Cosmic Cube named Kobik. A Chitauri invasion while the Planetary Defense Shield was disabled has trapped Captain Marvel, Alpha Flight, and countless other heavy-hitter heroes beyond the shield after Steve Rogers... Read More

Cobie Smulders Spills the Beans on Avengers: Inifity War… Sort Of

In perhaps what could be called the ultimate viral click-bait to-date, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel decided to troll the entire internet when he had How I Met Your Mother actress Cobie Smulders on his show a week ago. Yes, as the video below shows, he had S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill literally spill an entire can of beans all over an Avengers: Infinity War poster. All rage-comment inducing jokes aside, it got us here at nerdslant wondering how much we really know about the upcoming Marvel... Read More


The hashtag was all over Twitter on Wednesday after the release of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, declaring in a loud voice, “Say no to Hydra-Cap!” The crux of the issue was that they made Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America, into a secret double agent for Hydra. Let me repeat that: They made Captain America a double agent for Hydra. I’ll lay out the implications for you, in case you’re not familiar with the story. Hydra is an organization that has... Read More

nerdslant Live! #9 : A Captain America: Civil War Exclusive

For the newest, very special edition of nerdslant Live!, we dedicated the entire podcast to talking about all-things Captain America: Civil War. We completely breakdown every aspect of the film, including our overall thoughts, the amazing airport-fight sequence, character development (and who we each identified with in the film), the introduction of Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from here. If there’s... Read More


The internet is going CRAZY right now upon the release of the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer.  The two and a half minute nerd-porn session dropped a ton of image bombs on movie goers and supplies an intense amount of hype to Marvel’s summer kick-off blockbuster.  As an intentional play, Cap & co heaves some sand in the eyes of DC comics’ Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Lots and Lots of Words Hey Look Doomsday!  Oh yeah, and also SPIDER-MAN ENTERS THE MCU!  Lets grab... Read More

Civil War Galore!

The stage has been set! Players and pieces are finally beginning to reveal themselves, and the lines have been drawn.  On May 6th, the third installment in the Captain America franchise will be released in the US on the big screen, and it is gearing to pack a wallop.  Marvel’s promised us a plethora of cameos, and despite having a button-bursting cast of established characters we still have more to come.  Much like starting up a video game and seeing the black silhouettes of locked... Read More

Captain America: Civil War, the One Comic Book Film You Have to See in 2016

So we have another year of cinema and yet another slate of comic book movies to choose from, but this year is different: This is probably the most exciting year for the genre since 2014, if not all time thus far! Two larger than life titans will finally clash on the big screen in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Benedict Cumberbatch will bring his touch of acting gold to the vibrant eccentricity of Doctor Strange, and Ryan Reynolds will share the biggest load of chimichangas to all his... Read More