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Batman and Harley Quinn Coming to a Theater Near You for One Night

Nostalgia has been all the rage thus far this century, with more reboots and sequels of classic 70s – 90s pop and cult classic entertainment than one could sanely list. We’ve had our peaks and valleys over the course—more valleys, but let’s not dwell on the cringe-worthy. Every once and a while, though, someone’s come along and given us something old and new: Enter Batman and Harley Quinn, coming to theaters nationwide for one night before its digital/home-video release later this... Read More

nerdslant Staff Best Animated Feature Film 2016 Oscar Picks

There is no other time during the Academy Awards when we get to be both the artistically critical adult and child of wonder and awe than the Best Animated Feature Film category, highlighting the best in major motion picture animation achievement. It’s the category that absolutely everyone can relate to and care about, because while our tastes grow to differ as adults, we all grew up watching animation. The 2015 crop of nominees marked a broad spectrum of animation styles, storytelling... Read More