American Horror Story Hotel, Episode 7 “Flicker” Review

Warning: This article contains spoilers for this episode and previous episodes of American Horror Story Hotel. Will Drake’s renovating the Hotel Cortez, and comes across a floor that has no rooms, just one long hallway. He tells his men to tear all of it out. In doing so, they unknowingly release two monstrous ghouls that attack the workers, killing them. Not long after, Iris and The Countess arrive on scene and are shocked by what they see. They don’t think Alex did this, because... Read More

Ash vs Evil Dead, Episode 3 – “Books From Beyond” Review

Warning: This article contains spoilers for episode 3 and previous episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead “Books From Beyond” is the perfect store to go to if you want to get your Necronomicon translated, learn some Deadite history, or summon creatures from another realm. While the episode’s rich in lore, it’s quite poor in gore. As much as I’d like to keep up on current events with characters that have nothing to do with the plot yet, I would really like that airtime spent on... Read More

American Horror Story Hotel, Episode 6 – “Room 33” Review

Warning: This article contains spoilers from previous to current episodes of American Horror Story Hotel Love is a gift that only keeps on giving, unless you’re The Countess and know only how to take. The underlying themes in the episode “Room 33” are finding your one great love, finding your purpose, and finding your way back to sanity. It begins with a flashback to 1926 where The Countess finds a discrete doctor to help her give birth. After a lot of blood and ether, he gives her... Read More

Ash vs Evil Dead, Episode 2 – “Bait” Review

Warning: This article contains spoilers for episodes 1 and 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead Ash vs Evil Dead continues to hit the mark as a funny, gory, campy horror series. Even without Raimi’s direction the show keeps his influence, including the cheesy one-liners to buckets of blood pouring from Deadite wounds. You can tell Campbell’s having fun reprising his role as Ash because it translates so perfectly to the screen. The scenes in “Bait” where he’s battling Deadites are so over the top... Read More

American Horror Story Hotel, Episode 5 – “Room Service”

 Warning: This article contains spoilers from previous and current episodes of American Horror Story Hotel. The room service in the Hotel Cortez is everything horrifically imaginable: a transformation from mortal to immortal, brutal murder, or driving one to sheer madness. In this episode we focused on John unraveling, Liz transforming, Iris taking charge, and Alex making the worst mistake imaginable. There’s never a dull moment in this hotel, and just like the Hotel California, you... Read More

Ash vs Evil Dead, Episode 1 – “El Jefe” Review

   Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first episode of Ash vs Evil Dead. The Raimi brothers are at it again, bringing the delight of the Evil Dead franchise to television. Often, something is lost-in-translation when you switch from movies to television, but not in this case. Ash vs Evil Dead has all of the creepiness, gore, camp, and hilarity worthy of its film predecessors. The choreography, cinematography, dialogue, soundtrack, and setting are all exactly what you would... Read More

Wednesday Soundtrack and Score Review

If you’re anything like me, certain albums will take you to different places. Some conjure up different seasons, different decades or remind you of what you were doing the first time you heard the album. Having a comic book with both a soundtrack and a score is not just an interesting concept, it’s innovative. This fall Lakeshore Records is releasing the Wednesday companion soundtrack and score. Wednesday is written and illustrated by John Bergin. As a person that has always made... Read More

Interview: Jose Nestor Marquez Discusses “Reversion”

On October 3rd, I was granted an interview with Jose Nestor Marquez, the writer/director of Reversion. The film is about a piece of jewelry that helps you recall memories with exact detail. So much detail in fact, it can make you feel like you are in the moment while you review the memory. This sci-fi thriller was intriguing to the end so I was very excited to speak with Mr. Marquez. Jose: Awesome, that’s my biggest joy in life is to do that to my kids as well. What inspired you to write... Read More

Jose Nestor Marquez “Reversion” Review

This week Jose Nestor Marquez’s film “Reversion” will be released in select theaters across the United States. This sci-fi thriller explores a revolutionary device that gives you detailed access to your memories. Some memories are best forgotten, but for some there is no escape. Reversion follows Sophie Clé, played by Aja Naomi King, the head of marketing and daughter to the creator of a device called the Oubli. It’s a piece of jewelry that wraps around your ear and utilizes... Read More

Maisie Who?

The question on the mind of every Whovian right now as we gear up for Series 9 is, “Who is Maisie Williams?” Moffat confirmed that “she is not playing a returning character, she’s a brand new character.” In true Doctor Who fashion he may be lying to us, but we won’t know until “The Girl Who Died” and “The Woman Who Lived” airs. October is so far away and we don’t have a TARDIS to skip ahead to all the good bits in life. In the meantime we are left to our own... Read More