Contributing Writers

Gab – Young Adult Lit., Fantasy Lit. Sci-Fi, Disney

Hello, interwebs! I’m Gab and you can often find me in a dance studio, where I share my craft by both education and performance.  When it comes to all things nerd, I’m a fan of a lot of things – from my childhood education in Star Trek, Star Wars, and 90s comics cartoons, to my love of fantasy, sci-fi and YA literature.  I’ve never stuck to one fanbase, and my preferences lean toward the action-packed or the wildly fantastical.   I’m a huge fan of origin stories, horrible serial TV reruns, spy games, dystopias, and magic.  Fair warning: some posts may come with pictures of the one and only #faustthedog.

Steve – Movies

Hello interwebs! I’m a Virginia based performance artist. I do slam poetry, sketch comedy, television, commercials, and theatre. I’m here doing my part in celebrating nerd culture by reporting it here at nerdslant and developing my own brand of unique video content with my partner in crime, Philip Johnson.

Jeff – Marvel Comics, Professional Wrestling

Jeff's Profile PicCaptain America historian, and wrestling encyclopedia.  Specializing in Marvel comics, Star Wars, and RPG’s.  In my free time, I write and perform live music, and binge read Wikipedia.   Standing in a beer circle with my friend arguing the minute details of hubris and long term storyline planning is my blue heaven.

Adam – Nerdy Films

Adam's Profile PictureMy name is Adam. When Fox News describes what they think a nerd is, their mental picture is of me. I’m nearly done with my Masters in Screenwriting and Film Studies with a focus on TV-writing with a hyperfocus on the half-hour comedy. If I had to describe the type of person I am, I’d say I’m an Erudite Ravenclaw dwarf bard from District 4, planet Kobol, Outer Rim Territories, in the universe whose creation has been widely regarded as a bad move.

Carl – Video Games, Anime, Pokémon

Carl's Profile PicCarl was born and raised in the harsh wilds of New York, fighting for his life each day, punching out bears, befriending wolves, and eating trees. Then one day the internet happened.

Carl runs a YouTube channel where he does Lets Plays and started a series called I Got Bored, which features live action skits alongside video game footage. Carl enjoys video games, Anime/Manga, and on occasion, talking in the third person.