Senior Writers

Drew – Star Wars, DC Comics, Video Games

Profile picA lover of all things nerd! From comics (mainly DC), to gaming, movies,  and more. From Earth Prime to a galaxy far far away, you can find me indulging in all things fantastical! Heck, 6 out of my 9 tattoos are nerdy by nature.  I am a Taurus, enjoy long walks on the beach, and sipping a nice scotch by the fireside. There is a fairly good chance that I may be a Force Sensitive Corellian. Master Paul says I am ready to face the Trials. Oh. I may also believe myself to be Batman. Batman the Corellian Jedi: be terrified.

Jeni – Shannara Chronicles, LARPing/Re-Enactments

Jeni's Profile PicWhy Hello!  I’m Jeni, and (obviously) I’m a lover of many nerdy things… I think that the most unique thing about me so far is that I do medieval reenacting, with a society known as the SCA, or Society for Creative Anachronism, where I do combat archery.  While in armor, I shoot at other people.  Also in armor.  Hence, my #1 Marvel hero is Hawkeye!


Sally – Shadowhunters, Sailor Moon, Ghetto Nerd Girl

Sally Profile PicWhen not wasting all of her money on Etsy, Sally enjoys watching quality TV and the occasional dance party. She is also proud to call herself an intermediate cosplay maker. If you approach her please have chocolates in hand. Check out her original, award-winning webseries ‘Ghetto Nerd Girl’ on YouTube, and the follow the show’s Facebook page & Twitter for updates.

Matt – Black Sails

MattSundell_BioPicIn 2013, Matt co-produced and directed “The Devil in Jersey”, a short horror film which played at several east coast film festivals, including The Big Apple Film Fest at Tribeca Cinema in New York city.

As “Team Starmada”, lead Matt Sundell, along with Daniel Dw and John Housley, created “Hive”, a short film about the dangers of technological advancement. The film received 6 nominations and won 4 awards, including best film at Philadelphia’s 2014 Project Twenty1 Film Competition. In addition to conceiving the concept and story, Matt directed, shot, and edited the film.

Matt currently works as director of photography on the web series “Ghetto Nerd Girl” which won the Audience Choice Award at the 2014 Atlanta Webfest.

Alexandra – DC Comics, Batman Villains

Alexandra's Profile PicHola. I’m Alexandra Fasano, Allie for short. I am a Batman enthusiast who specializes in villains and their origin stories. The psychology behind a character is what intrigues me most. The Joker and the Gotham City Sirens are my favorite characters. I don’t usual do cosplays, but for Halloween I have dressed as Catwoman, Bane, The Joker & Harley Quinn. Aside from being a villain aficionado, I love playing Black Ops Zombies I, II, & III, II being my favorite. When I’m not nerding it up, I am a freelance outdoor and wedding (as well as studio) photographer. I’ve being capturing images professionally for over 5 years and that is my true passion. I am also a cosmetologist, have a degree in psychology and enjoy writing here and there.

Jason – Game of Thrones

Jason's Profile PicRaconteur, social misanthrope, and a legend in my own mind. Star Wars was my first movie, Star Trek my first TV show. I have watched every colour episode of Doctor Who (yes, even Timelash) to save others the time and/or burden.

Kansas is not as boring as you think. We have barbecued everything.