Senior Editors

Paul – Editor-in-Chief


Paul's Profile PicHi, everybody! My name’s Paul McCue, and I’m a grad student of Children’s Literature at Hollins University. In a past life, I studied animation at the Maryland Institute College of Arts. I write young adult literature and still do animation/film work on the side to make the little kid in me happy. I’ve been an avid lifelong lover of video games, comics, cartoons, and the geeky things that flavor mundane life. I discovered anime at a very young age with “Ranma 1/2” and figured, “Huh… this is different,” and never looked back. My favorite author is Neil Gaiman, who can do no wrong. Favorite video game series? ‘Fallout’, because it’s the best one, duh. And don’t let my profile pic confuse you; Fairy Tail tattoo or no, there’s just too much great anime to pick any one over the others.

Rick – Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Rick's Profile PicOhaiyo Minasan! My name is Rick, a man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. I am a lover of all things nerd. From gaming, to comics to anime, I do it all. I really enjoy cosplay because everything is better when dressed up as your favorite superpowered-badass. My favorite game of all time hands down is Shenmue, and I recently gave up my Diablo 3 addiction, so my productivity (and drinking) have increased exponentially.

Devin – Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Tech


bam profileHey you crazy kiddos! My name’s Devin and its great to meet ya! I’m a cofounder of Nerdslant and love hearing from all points of view. I’m a devout Star Wars disciple and Marvel fan boy. Try me. Dare ya. I was an oceanographer in a previous life and I love the ocean. I love sailing, snowboarding and space. I fully intend to edit my genes and become immortal. Just to outlive my enemies. I like to talk about science, Sci-Fi and screenwriting. Catch you later – Slater

Ali – X-Files, American Horror Story, Heroes Reborn


Ali's Profile PicHowdy folks, I’m Ali! When I’m not reading books or comics on my tablet, I’m watching sci-fi, fantasy, anime, or horror movies on TV. Gaming’s a passion of mine; I’m currently married to Torchlight II, but have many affairs on the side. I love tattoos and most of mine are nerdy-by-nature. All of my pets are rescues, and I’m both a cat and dog person, which I guess makes me the Daywalker. My first Star Wars experience was at the tender age of five seeing ‘Return of the Jedi’ in Argentina. I plan to run away with R2D2 someday in my own X-Wing fighter and explore a galaxy far, far away.