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I have loved movies all my life. They are a passion of mine. I started doing reviews for the high school newspaper and haven't stopped. I currently do video review on my YouTube Channel, as well as short videos and interviews. I also host a podcast called The Spoiler Room. I just can't stop talking about film.

Baywatch (2017) Movie Review on The Final Cut

It is the purrfect time to give my thoughts on Baywatch, the 1980s TV-show turned raunchy comedy. Starring Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, find out if this is film floats above the rest or sinks straight to the bottom. Flex your muscles while watching the trailer, get a tan as you check out the official site, and read up on the IMDB info as you relax by the pool. ... Read More

Alien: Covenant (2017) Movie Review on The Final Cut

This Final Cut review for the latest installment to Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise practically burst right out of Mark “The Movieman’s” chest! Join us as we go deep into space for a look at Alien: Covenant. You can transport over to the trailer, study the official site, and experiment on the IMDB information. ... Read More

The Fate of the Furious (2017) Movie Review on The Final Cut.

I feel the need, the need for speed…and car stunts…and insane action…and Charlize Theron. Come take a ride with The Movieman as he reviews the latest in the Fast and Furious franchise: The Fate of the Furious. Does it go the mile or stall at the finish line? Don’t let the F8 trailer pass you by. Take a right up here for the official site, and take this exit to get the IMDB info. ... Read More

Ghost in the Shell (2017) Movie Review on The Final Cut

Mark “The Movieman” and The Final Cut are at it again! Hook up your cyberbrain with ours to find out if the Ghost in the Shell live-action remake is as good as the original anime or just a glitch in Hollywood’s matrix. Plug into the trailer, backhack the official site, and dive into the IMDB info. ... Read More

Logan (2017) Movie Review on The Final Cut

Mark the Movieman burns the midnight oil to bring you his thoughts on the final Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) film, Logan. Find out if this is the R-rated Old Man Logan movie fans have been waiting for or just another Origins. Weapon X marks the spot for the trailer,  shnickity slash the official site, and take a stab at the IMDB info. ... Read More

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) Movie Review on The Final Cut

The long-running live-action franchise starring Milla Jovovich, based on the Capcom horror survival video game series, is finally coming to a close… or is it? We get infected and take on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Shuffle your way past the trailer, moan and groan through the  official site, and IMDB  in search of brains! ... Read More

Monster Trucks (2017) Movie Review on The Final Cut

We kick the tires and take Monster Trucks for a spin. Find out if this is a fun ride for the whole family or four flat tires going absolutely nowhere. Rev the engine with trailer,  look under the hood of the official site, and fill up the gas tank over at IMDB.   ... Read More

Underworld: Blood Wars (2017) Movie Review on The Final Cut

We grab our popcorn and settle in to review the latest installment in the Underworld franchise. Find out if we thought it sucked or is worth going out into the sun for, wait… is that thematically backwards? You can sink your teeth into the trailer, stake the official site, or just spread some holy water on the IMDB page.   ... Read More